aka Fanny Pack

Remember these?

The fanny pack, not Hulk Hogan

Apparently, they've been making a comeback. Since 2006. However, now they're going by the oh-so-glamorous "waist bag", "hip bag" or even "belt bag". But don't be fooled, its definitely still a fanny pack. Apparently, at one point, even Marc Jacobs got in on the act.

Yeah, still a fanny pack.

From my mocking tone, it should be pretty obvious that I have a VERY strong dislike for fanny packs, regardless of what they're being called now. Here's the problem. I've found that I need one. ONLY for walking the dogs. With a leash in each hand, its very difficult to hold my keys and iPhone, especially if I'm wearing something without pockets! So, I had to breakdown and get one

 $23 at overstock.com

EEEEEKKKKK! Please don't judge me.