Things are changing....

Look up. No, not up there. I mean up at the top of the webpage. Notice anything different? I have a new header!! And look right! That's a new logo. Although if you follow me on Twitter (@cleshopaholic), then you've seen it already. I also now have a page on Facebook, so please follow me there too.

After six months of blogging, I've realized that this is something I really really like to do (and I hope you like reading as much as I enjoy writing it), and so, in an attempt to make it official, my friend, fellow blogger, entrepreneur and founder of Pastore Studio, the talented Maria Pastore designed a logo for the blog. Maria then went one step further and designed the header too, and I have to say, I absolutely luuuuuuurrrrvveee both!!

Maria's doing a lot of design work with invitations and business cards, so if you're in the market for either, you should definitely give her a call. She's going to have an online store set up sometime soon (hopefully in time for the Holidays (no pressure, Maria)) so keep an eye out for that too! In the mean time, I hope you'll continue reading my blog. I have some fun things planned over the next few months, and of course, there will be loads of shopping tips just in time for the holidays!!