A J. Crew obsession

I have a major obsession with J. Crew. MAJOR! Which should not come as a surprise given that J. Crew U (Miami University) is my alma mater. (Is it even called that anymore?) I'm particularly obsessed with their sweaters. It started two years ago, with the summer shawl-collar sweater (in silk and linen), which I promptly picked up in 3 colors. Its continued steadily since then, and I now find myself with quite the J.Crew sweater collection. These came for me yesterday. There's 5 in there!

Here's why I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve these sweaters:
1. They live up to lots of wearing and washing
2. They're really well cut (and therefore flattering)
3. They're a really good price considering (1) and (2).

This season I'm also looking to invest in some cashmere, maybe this one


What about you? Do you have any brands or products that you're completely obsessed with??