Theme of the week: Candy

So I've been sick with this upper respiratory virus thing-y since Wednesday, and it sucks. Luckily, I've started to feel better this evening, although I still have coughing fits that make me sound like an old man. Gross. Now that I've updated you on my weekend activities, here's a look at what I'm looking forward to this weekend. First off, clefoodgoddess and I will be taking on a bunch of Cleveland bloggers including WhyCle?, Hungry in Cleveland, Poise in Parma, and others in the bowl-a-thon to benefit Secondhand Mutts. Saturday, I'm atttending a 30th Birthday Party, and Sunday, N and I are taking the pups to Grateful Dog Bakery to get Clair some birthday treats to celebrate her very first birthday, which is on Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's day makes me think of candy, and so, in honor of this much loved/hated holiday, my blog theme of this week will be candy.

I have categories of favorite candies, indulgence vs. vending machine. Indulgence candy is one that is not so readily available, maybe you have to go to the international/fancy candy aisle in the grocery store or a specialty store, while vending machine is well, self explanatory. My favorite vending machine candy is Twix. My indulgence candy favorite(s) are a toss up between Ferrero Rocher (the one that has the crispy shelll, and nutella-like filling) and Cadbury Flake, which is, as the name suggests, flaky.

I remember eating Flake as a kid from street vendors in London, who serve it stuck in a vanilla soft-serve (delicious, btw). I'd forgotten all about them until about two years ago, when my coworker found some at World Market!! World Market seriously has one of the best international candy selections!! Flake+ vanilla softserve= heaven!!!!

So here's a question: given a choice, would you rather receive candy or flowers  for Valentine's day. Ideally, I would receive a candy bouquet, but I don't know if those exist in real life!! How about you??