Another fabulous Playhouse Square Party

If you read my blog last week, then you know that I was SUPER excited to attend the Lexus Dark Ride Event at Playhouse Square this past Saturday. It was everything I expected and more!! Jessi, clefoodgoddess and I walked in and were immediately ushered onto a red carpet for pictures. That set the tone for the rest of the night, and keeping with that theme, I have to warn you that this is a picture-heavy post!

Above and below: The scene that greeted us as we walked in. There were two platforms with dancers performing interpretive dance while a DJ played in the background. 

Above: with contest winner Hungry in Cleveland 

Above: my fellow fabulous Cleveland bloggers that hosted giveaways on their blogs: Allison, Alexa, and Alana. I felt left out not having my name start with the letter "A". : )

Below: The Absolut Wild Tea Ice Sculpture. They had this peach cocktail that tasted exactly like peach iced tea!

Above: The whole reason we were there; the Lexus CT 200h. And Below, me in the car. It smelled like glorious "new car" and had a really comfortable drivers seat. That was pretty much the extent of my car-exploration; I was ready for some MUSIC!!

With the always fabulous JV

And, the Talent, Dev (who was so fun!!!). I will be downloading her music ....

 ...and Jay Sean 

Not to be outdone, Seanski decided to get in on the act...

And so the night ended with me hobbling on my excruciatingly painful feet, which I continue to nurse back to normalcy today. The night was SOOOOOO worth the pain. I CAN'T WAIT for next year's event!!