A Balancing Act

Lately I've sucked at life. And by that I mean that I've spent most of 2011 stressed out, irritable, and frequently overwhelmed. For the most part, I only have myself to blame: I over-schedule my life and then get overwhelmed when I can't take care of stuff like laundry, or cleaning our house. Most of the time, this overwhelming feeling is all in my head, and all I need is a little perspective. In an attempt to find this perspective (on what is hopefully a more regular basis), I have restarted my yoga practice (yet again!). Seriously, I've stopped and started so many times, but as a yoga instructor told me, I'm not the only one that does that, so at least that's something, right?

Anyway, as part of my attempt to reintroduce yoga to my life, clefoodgoddess and I joined a 3-week beginners yoga class at Puma Yoga. Our 3-week series ended a couple of weeks ago, but there is another series beginning in early April, so if you think you might want to explore yoga, you should definitely try it out.

Having been to a number of studios in Cleveland, here's what I really like about Puma Yoga:

1. Its not very big, so it has a really intimate feeling. And by intimate, I mean personal, not cramped.
2. Love the orange and yellow color scheme.
3. Its a hands-on studio, so if you're not comfortable with people touching you, this may not be the right space for you. That's not to say that they will not accommodate your no-touching request, but you don't get the same impact as a hands-on adjustment.
4. Minimal chanting. Maybe one per class. I'm not big on the chanting.
5. The studio is warm but not hot. You will get sweaty, but you're not going to feel like you're going to pass out. Also, it helps you stretch deeper.
6. The studio smells really good.
7. The instructors. Here's my thing about yoga: I like it for exercise and peace of mind. I'm not big on the "the universe is sending you a message" type spirituality. And I'm not big on excessive talking (shocking! I know, but its true). I like the instruction and direction, and maybe some explanation on the how/why of a pose, but that's about it. The instructors at Puma Yoga have a really nice verbal balance, and I REALLY REALLY like that.

So if you've been stressed out and generally feeling not like yourself, give yoga a try, and let me know what you think!!!