Don't call it a wig

So this past weekend, N and I attended the wedding of  clefoodgoddess and richness. It was a beautiful wedding, held at Mon Ami. But that's not what I'm going to blog about since I know that clefoodgoddess will be blogging about that soon. Back to this post: for fun, I decided to try the Jessica Simpson hair extensions. I know, I know, its Jessica Simpson; but hey, she sold a billion dollars worth of merchandise last year so she must doing something right!!

Here's what they looked like:

I absolutely loved having the super long curls for the night! I had them professionally put in, and to be honest, I'm not sure how I would put them in unassisted. That said, I kinda suck at doing complicated hair do's anyway, so if you are skilled at them, you may be able to do them yourself. I also had a bunch of bobby pins holding up the 'do, and I would certainly recommend the extra assistance. I had the 'do in for over 10 hours, and it did get a little heavy towards the end of the night, but it wasn't that bad at all! So there you have it! I would definitely try these again; it was a fun little change with absolutely no commitment.