The Fashions of Summer Solstice 2011

As you almost certainly know by now, Saturday was one of my FAVORITE parties of the year: The Summer Solstice Party at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I could do a recap, but really, just one word sums it up: FABULOUS!!! So instead, I've decided to show you some of the fashions of Solstice. Of course this isn't a comprehensive guide, just some of the people and outfits I saw and lurrrrved.

N rocking a Dortmunder and his new Dredgers Union tie.

I fell in love with this couple. They were so cute!! I can only hope that N and I look this fabulous when we reach that age!

N and DBB being "Thunder" and "Lightning"

Wes and Danielle (who is also wearing one of my favorite Dredgers dresses!)

Val in her FABULOUS and oh so sexy tights!

I loved the coral and stripes combo!

AJP is a vision in white with a supercute baby blue purse!

 Hallie and fiance!! I LOVE that dress and that hat!!

I know this picture is blurry, but I really like it, and the outfits too!

Sara in vintage

JV in print!! LOVE!!

So there you have it: a little taste of the fabulousness that was Solstice! If you missed it this year, you should definitely put it on your calendar for next year. BE FABULOUS!!!