All that Glitters...

Every summer, I go through a phase where I favor gold tone jewelry rather than the silver I usually wear. Now while I would luuurrvveee for my pieces to be the REAL THING, its just not a budget friendly option. So instead, I've been filling out my jewelry collection with brass instead!! One of my FAVORITE recent purchases is this bracelet (on the right), that I picked up at Dredger's Union last week (I have a serious problem; I've been in this store 4 times already, and its only been open like TWO WEEKS!)

Its a measuring tape!!! How cute is that?!?!?!?

The bracelet is part of Monserat De Luca's jewelry line, and Dredgers is carrying quite a few pieces from the collection, and you should definitely check them out. There's a bunch of really cute, whimsical necklaces, that would make the PERFECT gift for a woman in your life. Some of my favorites include the paper planes and the fork and spoon (great gift for a foodie!). Sure, you could look at them online, but its SO MUCH MORE FUN to go see them in person!! Coincidentally, this weekend is also the Made in 216 festival AND OFFICIAL Grand Opening of Dredgers, so really, you now have multiple reasons to make it down to East 4th this weekend!! Happy Shopping my FABULOUS friends, and hopefully, I will see you around this weekend!!