Twin Laptops

So when I made my big Black Friday purchase last year, I ended up buying a MacBook. The EXACT same one that N has too. Needless to say, I have accidentally picked up his computer more than once. Sick of this inconvenience (first world problems, I know), I decided to get a decal for my new baby. And what would be more appropriate than paying homage to our fabulous city of Cleveland??

There she is!! My lovely Cleveland skyline decal courtesy urbandecal on etsy!!! Its really easy to transfer, and comes in a bunch of colors. So if you have matching laptops, or iPads or even if you just want a decal of CLE (or any other city- there's a decent selection), check out the urban decal store on etsy! In case you're wondering, now N wants one too, although I think he's going to get his in white.