Favorite Fashion Books

I love reading anything fashion related. I used to love the satisfying thump of fashion magazines, thick with ads as they hit my coffee table. And although I've moved away to electronic versions of magazines, my love for them has not abated. If anything, I've expanded my love for all things fashion to include fashion books, preferably in physical form. 


The top row represents books I've read and loved:

Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style : Part of the reason I love this book so much is that my brother in law gifted me a signed copy for Christmas one year, but that bias aside, I love that this book covers all elements of style, including things like poise and posture. As you read this book, you can almost hear Tim speaking to you in that wonderful voice of his, and if you've ever watched an episode of Project Runway, you can be sure that he emphasizes the importance of fit.

Victoria Beckham: That Extra Half an Inch… : I was (and continue to remain) and unashamed Spice Girls fan. I think that the Spice Girls, with their Girl Power motto were my first foray into feminism. My freshman year in college, my girlfriends and I dressed up as the Spice Girls for Halloween, and I was Posh Spice, so yes, I have a particular fondness for Victoria Beckham (I also follow her on Instagram.) That aside, I continue to be impressed by how she made the journey from pop star to famous WAG to legit fashion designer. An even though she may be famous for never smiling in pictures, this book is actually quite funny! She's got this self deprecating manner about her that's pretty charming. My biggest takeaway from this book was that I should never wear a cross body bag-- advice I mostly adhere to, except when traveling, because while she may be chauffeured everywhere, I'm usually walking, and a cross body is frankly just easier. 

Nina Garcia: The One Hundred… : This book is illustrated by Ruben Toledo, and even though I didn't necessarily learn anything new, the illustrations alone make this book worth it. If you're someone trying to revamp your wardrobe or adopt a timeless, classic style, this book is a nice guide to the basics. 

I have two that I haven't read yet, but are very high on my wish list; 

Kate Spade: All in Good Taste 

Garance Dore: Love Style Life 

Do you have any fashion books you love or have on your wish list?

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