Must Watch: Meet The Patels

After last weekend's very glamorous, very fun entertainment, Nick and i took the opposite approach this weekend, and went super low key. This weekend was mostly filled with carbs (pizza and pierogies), Netflix and puppy snuggles (If you've missed the official announcement, our dogs now have their own Instagram account.)

Our best Netflix find of the weekend happened Sunday night, when i stumbled upon the 2015 documentary Meet The Patels. This award-winng, almost-90 minute documentary tells the story of Ravi Patel, and actor and writer in Los Angeles (if he looks familiar, you've seen him on Master of None-- he's the other Indian actor.) After Ravi breaks up with his secret non-Indian girlfriend, he decides to engage his parents help to find him an Indian wife through the extensive network of the Indian community here in the United States. Its the new face of arranged marriage: the original online dating, before the internet existed. 

I liked this documentary for a few reasons: it is genuinely charming and funny, buy beyond that, it tells the story of Raj's family as immigrants, and their attempts to balance American life with Indian culture. Raj's dad is hilarious, and dad-jokes aside, its apparent that all he really wants is for his kids to be happy-- and a few grandchildren. 

Now I will say that the story of Raj and his family is nothing like my own. For one, I grew up in Bombay (hence the name of this blog and store- Bombay Taxi) which is a huge city, so life is very different from the small town where Raj's parents grew up. Also, my parents didn't have an arranged marriage, so there was no expectation that I would either -- in fact, had I wanted one, I don't think they would've known what to do next. In fact, very few (less than 10%) of my friends in India have had arranged marriages, so I was very curious to see what the system had evolved to, even more curious to see what its like here. And since Nick and I married so young (in our early 20s), we didn't really get to that point where people asked "so when are you getting married?"-- if anything, our wedding caught people by surprise!

Even though this documentary tells a story that's very different from my own, I found it completely relatable. So if you're looking for a charming, non-traditional romantic comedy, I highly recommend Meet The Patels -- it will leave a smile on your face!