Fashion Flash

Last Wednesday I took a half day off from my day job, packed a suitcase, got my hair done (Thanks Carolina at Tease!) and made my way....downtown. To the offices of the Plain Dealer for a conversation and photo shoot with Allison Carey who authors and photographs a weekly column called Fashion Flash

Allison is so fun, and shares my love for accessories! We talked about Bombay Taxi and She In The CLE, my favorite beauty products, my philosophy on style and fashion, how I curate my wardrobe, and my irrational love of beards, man-buns and mohawks. Here's a link to the final piece-- huge thanks to Allison and her colleague John (who filmed a video) for making me feel so comfortable during the whole experience.

I'm not going to tell you everything I wore in this post (you'll have to read the piece), but suffice it to say, I wore a LOT of Bombay Taxi pieces, particularly some news ones that I just added to the site, so I hope you will click over and check them out! 

As always, these are all limited edition (one of a kind in some cases) and handcrafted by artisans in India. They are absolutely gorgeous and I ADORE them all, and I hope you will too!