2017 Pantone Color of The Year

When Pantone announced its 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, I was frankly underwhelmed. I'm not a huge fan of the color to be honest, although I love the concept of greenery. So today, we're exploring adopting the concept of greenery more broadly with fashion and design.

On the fashion front, the easiest way to do this is of course a lovely pop of green with a coat or a sweater, but if you're more of an all-black-all-the-time kinda person, you could always pick jewelry instead. 

Photo credit:  instagram.com/charity216

On the home interiors front you could take it from the simple addition of plants, to something temporary like party decor, or something more permanent like re-tliing a bathroom!

Photo credit: apartment34.com

Photo credit: apartment34.com

Photo credit:  Habituallychic.luxury

Photo credit: Habituallychic.luxury

Are you jumping on the greenery bandwagon this year? How are you adapting it to your personal style?