Three Dreamy Period Pieces to Binge On This Weekend

When I was young, I hated history. I thought it was incredibly boring, but looking back on it, I think it was the way it was taught in my school. I'm convinced that if someone had shown me pictures of the fashions and art and design, I would have been WAY more into it than I was back then. I'm thankful for my college art history class, recreations on the History Channel, and of course, the glory that is Netflix for getting me interested in history again. After all, as my dad used to quote "those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it." 

Back to period fashions, I've been obsessed with three period pieces on Netflix - and in no small part because the costumes and sets on all three shows are absolutely exquisite. So if you're in the mood for some binge watching, here are 3 I recommend:

1. The Crown: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at the very start of her reign as Queen of England. What happens when a super masculine man must literally bow to his wife?

2. Medici Masters of Florence: I fell in love with Florence when I visited in 2009. Nick was studying there for a semester, so I spent a whole week in Florence, leisurely exploring the city. I especially enjoyed visiting the Medici palace and its accompanying gardens, and grew more intrigued by the Medici story while I watched DaVinci's Demons on Showtime. This story takes place the generation prior to DaVinci's Demons and despite Dustin Hoffman's weird accent, is very interesting. 

3. Versailles: I just started this series this week, and I have to say, this series has the most extravagant costumes and sets of all three series. Drama, sex, intrigue, betrayal, illegitimate children, war.... this series has it all. Visually stunning, and with an interesting story to boot.

All three shows are available on Netflix now. Enjoy your binge, and please let me know what you're watching these days- bonus points if its a period piece!