Gimme That Beach Life

You guys! I am BEYOND excited, because I'm taking my first vacation of the year with some glorious, well-deserved time at the beach. 

I spend time at the beach each year in Cleveland - I'm lucky to live 2 blocks from a nice beach on Lake Erie, so I take advantage of it, spending time laying out in the sun and breeze a number of times in the summer. I know this may sound shocking because I'm Indian, but truth is, my skin is SUPER sensitive to the sun - I break out in itchy and painful hives on my arms and hands, so its sunblock and shaded umbrellas for me. I can be out in direct sunlight for little bits of time, but I have to be very very careful. This feels very vampire, without the sparkling skin.

In any case, since this is my first beach excursion (and on a trip no less) I actually had to spend some time finding all my beach gear and pulling it together! And since it IS a new year, I *may* just have  acquired a few new beach pieces, specifically a black floppy hat, some new pink lip color (because WHY NOT?!) and a new pair of sunglasses (because I've lost most of mine from last year). All valid purchases, don't you think?

I've got some beach reads handy too; besides my huge stack of magazines, I'm also reading Scrappy Little Nobody and Tales from the Back Row. I know these are a little older - what can I say? I've got some catching up to do! 

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