My Summer Bucket List

I had such a fun time checking off my Spring Wish List that I decided I'm going to do one for each season this year. So, without much further ado, here's a summer wish list to help you (and me) make the most of this summer! 

Go on a picnic:  I did a couple of these last year - one with my girlfriends, and the other with Nick. And I liked it so much that this year I want to do some more. A summertime picnic doesn't have to be fancy - some sandwiches, fresh fruit, crackers and cheese, some wine... it doesn't have to be complicated to be fun! 


Snuggle up and watch a movie outdoors: There are so many venues for outdoor movies in Cleveland - from the drive-in movie theater, to outdoor movies at my favorite local ice cream shop that it's a damn shame that I haven't done this yet. But this is about to change. This is my summer to do this. 

Ditch your car for a bike (even if it's just for a few hours): I bought a super cute bike this year, one with a basket. I have a fantasy of riding around with flowers and a baguette in my basket, except for one, small problem. I am scared of the traffic. So, I'm taking this nice and slow, but the plan is to end this summer comfortably riding around the city on my cute bike.

ice cream cone with sprinkles Masons Creamery Cleveland Ohio

Master a summer cocktail: This is a really achievable goal, but I really want to master a few simple, classic, summer cocktails this year. I've already mastered the Aperol Spritz - next up, margaritas! 

Margarita at Pearl Columbus Ohio

Attend an outdoor concert: Nick and I are already doing a lot of these this summer, but one of my favorite outdoor concerts is the Orchestra Series at Blossom. This year, the Orchestra is playing the score to Star Wars: A New Hope live, and since Nick and I are both huge Star Wars nerds, naturally, we are going to this event. 

Plan a Beach day: We live so close to the beach that every day can be beach day, but it is really nice to plan a whole day at the beach in the summer. Cleveland has a number of great beaches within a very short drive -- we may not have an ocean, but our Great Lake is a pretty good substitute. 

Toes in the sand Cleveland ohio beach lake erie

Attend an outdoor yoga class: I did this last year with a bunch of girlfriends on a farm, and it was so much fun that I definitely want to do it again this year. Last year's event also included brunch and flower crowns, so I've got my eye out on a similar brunch/yoga type event this year too!

Flower crowns outdoor yoga spice acres farms cleveland ohio

Go on a hike: This is the biggest stretch goal for me this summer because Nature and I have a tenuous relationship at best. I'm allergic to everything (including the sun) and I will likely get bitten by insane bugs, but I'm hoping to challenge myself and do this, even if its just a teeny tiny one on a mostly paved trail. Baby steps you guys.

I'd love to hear your summer bucket list ideas if you have any, so please share them in the comments below. And keep an eye out on my Instagram stories to see how I'm making progress towards these summer wish list goals!