2019 Goals

It’s a brand new year, which means it’s time for new goals! This year my goals are fairly simple, and I’m sharing them here so I have some sense of accountability and I’m also hoping that you will join me on some of these.

Writing down those 2019 goals!  Photo credit:  Tall Hair Creative

Writing down those 2019 goals!

Photo credit: Tall Hair Creative


My career goal is start each day with intention. I currently start each day with a to-do list, which isn’t quite the same thing, and as the days get busier, I turn on auto-pilot. I find that while the days pass by quickly, I’m really living for the weekend, and frequently can’t remember anything about the week after it’s done. While this may be efficient, it is super uninspiring. So by setting an intention for each day, I want to feel inspired and energized each day.


I’ve already mentioned this in my Bombay Taxi Insiders newsletter (you can sign up on any page) and on social media, but there are big changes coming to Bombay Taxi Boutique very very soon. For one, the website will look different in the coming weeks, but other changes include monthly jewelry Capsule Collections.

Why a Capsule Collection? Well, because the number one thing I hear at Pop Ups is “your jewelry is very pretty, but I don’t really know how or where to wear it”. All our Capsule Collections will be thoughtfully curated so they can be paired together, leaving plenty of room for individual expression. You will see more styling tips and tricks on the blog, via email, and on social media, and I’m really excited to create all this new content for you.

Speaking of new content, you will also see a lot more of Nick on the blog. Based on 2018, you really enjoy the posts that are either about him, or feature us together in some way. So this year, I’m going to have more posts that include him!


Walk 10,000 steps per day (find me on Fitbit - username: shibanifaehnle)

Do at least 10 push ups each day (I’m trying to build upper body strength)

Consistently drink at least 1 gallon of water per day

Eat more vegetables

Continue to play tennis consistently

Move for 20 minutes each day (even if it’s just a walk)

Overall, I’m feeling really good about this year, and looking forward to a happier and healthier 2019!

One last thing that is kinda fun - I saw this on Busy Philipps’ Instagram yesterday, and thought it was so fun and funny. My “omens” were happiness, witchcraft and revolution. I can’t stop laughing! I’d love if you would drop me a comment with yours - let’s have a good laugh about them!