Habits I want to adopt this month

I’ve decided to use my time on sabbatical to basically hack my life and create daily and weekly routines that will set me up for success right now, and also help me develop habits that I can take with me when I embark on the next steps of my career.

I’ve mentioned repeatedly on this blog that I have two major habits that really help me start off my day.

The first is meditation - a habit I adopted over a year ago. I meditate daily for anywhere between a couple of minutes to about 15 minutes each day. It varies based on how I’m feeling and frankly on how loud the dogs are being on any given day.

The second is a daily gratitude journal, a habit I wrote about last month. Sometimes I combine this with my meditation habit and instead of writing or typing my 3 things, I focus on them during my meditation.

But there are a few more daily and weekly routines that I want to build into my routine this month. I’m talking about them today in an effort to build accountability to myself and to you (so you can judge me when I check in with you ;))

I want to build a daily yoga practice, even if it’s just 5 minutes a day. I’ve done this at various points and then I fall off the wagon at the slightest provocation. But each time I do build some consistency, I can see an immediate difference in my flexibility, strength and overall wellness.

I want to eat my greens every day. I wish I could say that my diet is the healthiest, but I would be lying. There are days when I will discover I haven’t eaten a green vegetable in 3 days!!! That is horrifying!! So my goal is to eat something green every day, even if it’s just spinach blended into a smoothie.

Take my daily vitamins. I signed up for Care/Of a couple of months ago, and since then I’ve been infinitely better about taking my highly customized daily vitamins. They come in a daily pill pack that is compostable, so I’m doing something good for my body while not creating single use plastic waste.

In addition to these daily routines, I also want to adopt a few weekly routines. Mainly I want to organize one area of my life a week, whether it’s cleaning out my closet, organizing my workout clothes, or anything big or small, I want to tackle one project per week so it doesn’t feel as daunting as organizing a whole room.

Another routine I want to build is taking a weekly bath. We have a giant gorgeous tub, and I’ve used it a grand total of twice in the 9+ years we’ve lived in our house. I’ve been reading about creating rituals and I think this would be a fun, relaxing ritual to create and a great way to start off a week. Recently the team at ODE x 10,000 Buddhas sent me their Ritual Wellness Kit of Peace which includes a gorgeous scented candle, bath salts, body oil, face tonic and a moisturizer. The scents are really lovely - chamomile, jasmine, lavendar and vetiver - very soothing and relaxing. I haven’t taken a bath using these products yet, but I used the body oil post night time shower and I slept really soundly that night, and woke up with super soft skin the next morning! Related? Perhaps ;)

Just some of the products in the  Ritual Wellness Kit of Peace by ODE x 10,000 Buddhas

Do you have daily, weekly or monthly rituals? What are they?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Ode x 10,000 Buddhas gifted me their Ritual Wellness Kit but I am not required to post about it. That said, I’ve enjoyed this product as I build it into my rituals that I wanted to share it with you.