Artists I'm Loving Right Now

My mom has always loved art. Some of my earliest memories include flitting from art gallery to art gallery in Mumbai as a child. My mom would bribe me with a treat so i would walk around without complaining. And honestly, the treat was unnecessary. I enjoyed looking at the art.

As a college student i took an art history class at Miami University, but unfortunately I didn’t really retain a whole lot of it. When Nick spent a semester in grad school in Florence, Italy, I went to visit. It was the off-season (November) and the galleries and museums were all practically empty. While Nick was in class, I would walk around the museums enjoying unhurried access to some of the most beautiful art in the world. I distinctly remember this reigniting my interest and love of art. What followed were more visits to The Cleveland Museum of Art, and Museums all over the world!

Over the past 10 years, Nick and I have been attempting to curate a gallery wall in our dining room. Nearly all the pieces are mostly black and white, and we’ve tried to curate pieces from our travels where we can. And the other pieces we pick are topics that mean something to us.

And it was during a search for a piece for our gallery wall that I found an amazing artist based out of Columbus, Ohio - Dane Khy of With One Line. Our first piece was a print of a boxer. Following my first lion encounter in Tanzania, I knew I wanted a lion tattoo, and when I saw Dane’s wildlife series on Instagram I knew I had found my lion. And this past weekend, with Dane’s permission, I had my lion tattooed on my forearm. I posted it on Instagram yesterday, and the response was so positive that I thought you may like to see a few more artists that I’m drawn to these days!

I can’t remember where I first heard of Ena Chahal of Cheeky Billo, but I love her pop art style that is inspired by India and her Punjabi culture. You can find her work on her website, or follow her on Instagram.

I picked this piece to highlight because Thums Up was the only cola available in India for a very long time until Pepsi and Coke made their return to India in the early ‘90s. I have fond memories drinking Thums Up as a kid, I wasn’t allowed to drink it very often, and I think that’s what made it even more special. Incidentally, you can find it at most Indian grocery stores or Asian grocery stores, no matter where you live.


In the same vein of Indian artists with a pop art style, I’m a big fan of Maria Qamar of Hate Copy. Maria is probably one of the most famous Indian pop artists and her art is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the expectations of society on Indian women, and their rebellion against the weight of said expectations. Maria also wrote a book called Trust No Aunty which includes some funny stories and advice accompanied by her beautiful artwork.

Follow Maria on Instagram  for more of her art.

Follow Maria on Instagram for more of her art.

Let’s keep on this theme of fun pop art with Kelsey DeLange of By Honey and The Hive. Like Maria, Kelsey’s work also combines bright colors with a side of sass, but bonus, her work also sometimes includes puns!! So if you like puns like I do, you should check out her work on her website. As an added bonus, take 10% off your order with the code BOMBAY10.

Her newest series is Harry Potter focused, and she has a new spring line launching soon, so check back on her site and take advantage of the code BOMBAY10.

Harry Potter 4.JPEG

Megan Hess is a world renowned fashion artist who works with some of the most prestigious designers and brands. Her work is full of gorgeous fashion inspiration, and although I haven’t invested in one of her prints yet, I am building a selection of her books. My favorite is called The Dress: 100 iconic moments in fashion, which I used as a backdrop for some of the pictures in Capsule THREE.

LOVE Megan Hess’ artwork - they’re the perfect backdrop for our jewelry.

LOVE Megan Hess’ artwork - they’re the perfect backdrop for our jewelry.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you buy a piece using the links or discount codes provided I receive a tiny commission. This does not impact the price you pay in any way. As always, I only talk about products and services that I believe in 100% and use myself. Thank you for your continued support! XO ~ Shibani