Back To School for the Professional Woman

Its back-to-school season, and if you have kids, you're probably knee deep in lists and school supplies. I don't have kids, but who can resist brightly colored stationery - I've definitely been known to get into the act when it comes to office supplies!

My favorite part of back-to-school has always been the bag, and even though I no longer have a reason per se to indulge in these purchases, I've decided that as an adult, I get to celebrate whatever I want! And so if I want to celebrate the start of fall with a new work bag, I'm going to do it! With this in mind, I've rounded up some of my favorites for your consideration.

Photo credit:  Cuyana

Photo credit: Cuyana

Leather Backpack - Cuyana - $350

Pros: Hello gorgeous blush color. Convertible to a shoulder strap. Front pockets and gorgeous Italian leather

Cons: Only available in the version that fits a 13" laptop - not so good for those of us with 15" laptops!

Photo credit:  Fount Leather  

Photo credit: Fount Leather 

The Classic Bellfield Tote in Goldenrod - Fount Leather - $349

Pros: Gorgeous handcrafted piece, will definitely fit your 13" laptop, will likely fit your 15" laptop

Cons: No zipper or magnetic button (this matters to me because I hate when bags have to be laid on their side at airport security and contents spill out)

Photo credit:  Lo & Sons

Photo credit: Lo & Sons

The O.G - Lo & Sons - $295

Pros: Excellent organization - lot of compartments, including one for your shoes. A back pocket to slide over your carryon roller bag for those who travel. Technically fits a 13" laptop, but I've stuffed a 15" laptop in mine. 

Cons: This bag is heavy - at 2.2 lbs empty, it can get up to 7-8 lbs really quickly with a laptop, a pair of shoes and a makeup bag. 

Photo credit:  Me! 

Photo credit: Me! 

Isabella Daypack - The North Face - $85

Pros: Well organized with multiple pockets, including felt-lined ones for phones and sunglasses. Fits like a classic backpack (very comfortable on your back), and fits a 15" laptop

Cons: It looks like a backpack, especially if you pick a color other than black. That said, the black and burt coral looks more like black and rose gold, and is frankly as chic as you're going to get for  more traditional backpack. 


The takeaway:

I used to be a zippered tote kinda person (I own the O.G.) but in the past few years, I've been struggling with upper back issues. This is mainly because I carry stress in my upper back and have really terrible posture, but consistently carrying a bag on one shoulder doesn't really help with alignment at all. So at the recommendation of my chiropractor, I've switched to a traditional backpack. I recently purchased the Isabella, and I can honestly say it was money well spent! It fits my laptop and I can even squeeze in a pair of sneakers and gym clothes if I'm not carrying a lot of paperwork. 

I'm always on the hunt for the latest and greatest bag for work, so leave a comment below and tell me what you're carrying, or tag me on Instagram using #bombaytaxiboutiqueblog