The best Star Wars "Toys" for your home... and one you should avoid.

I’m pretty sure that everyone who reads this blog knows that Nick and I are huge Star Wars fans. I wasn’t really a fan until Nick and I started dating, and in the 17+ years since, I’ve deeply committed to my fandom.

Nick and I have matching Star Wars tattoos on our left ring fingers - his says “I love you” in my handwriting, and mine says “I know” in his. He also has second Star Wars tattoo, and when I’m ready for another one, I already know what mine will be.

We own every movie (except IV, V, and VII which are straight garbage) and watch them several times a year, and I can’t wait to plan a trip to Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge. In the meantime, we’ve amassed a decent collection of Star Wars gadgets for our home, which I’m sharing in today’s post. Incidentally, these are great gifts for the Star Wars fans in your life.

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We love making classic cocktails at home, and our summer favorite is the Negroni. Our favorite way to drink one is with a giant ice cube so that it melts slowly and doesn’t quickly dilute our drinks. And a Star Wars Death Star giant ice cube is the icing on our cocktail. We have SEVERAL Star Wars ice cube molds, and these work best. The others have some thin pieces and frankly they just break off when you’re removing them from the mold.

I gifted Nick these snack/dessert plates one Christmas as a stocking stuffer - it was the Christmas we were staying home in Star Wars pjs watching Star Wars all day, so it was on theme. Since then we’ve used these a few times, especially on nights when we’re having snacks for dinner.

Since I told you the story of our matching tattoos there was no way I wasn’t going to include a cute couple’s gift with the same theme.

I am sh*t at baking, so this is a terrible idea for me personally, but if you do know something who loves baking cookies and pies, AND loves Star Wars, this would be a great gift.

And finally, one to skip

Don’t waste your money buying the Star Wars non stick pancake molds. They are sold on Amazon and also on Williams Sonoma, but there is a critical design flaw with this product. For one, very few pans are completely flat, and the molds themselves bend, so when you pour pancake batter in, it oozes out from under the mold and you just end up with a misshapen mess. Don’t bother with this one.

Any other must-have Star Wars gadgets from my fellow Star Wars fans? Please share them in the comments below!