Capsule FOUR is here!

It’s the very last Monday in April, and it’s time to say hello to Capsule FOUR.

I’m so excited about our honeycomb earrings because they are absolutely gorgeous and so much fun to wear. At about 1.5 inches long and equally as wide, they’re not too big, but still make a statement. And if you or someone you love is a bee lover, this is the perfect little gift. As always, all our pieces are limited edition, and I suspect that these will run out soon, especially since they are the only launch for Capsule FOUR.


Wait, WHAT?! Yes, you read that correctly. Capsule FOUR has only one design, and that’s because I am launching a one-of-a-kind collection every single Thursday in May. If you’re on our email list, you will see the launch Thursday morning, before it drops on social media in the afternoon. You're welcome to wait for the afternoon drop, but bear in mind that every piece is ONE and done.

All our social media launches are on our Facebook page so you can add them to your Facebook calendar.

So what should you expect from the one-of-a-kind collection?

Expect to see a lot of color and pieces that you’ve never seen before from us - think fun statement summer jewelry!

I also recommend you download the Gemporia Ring Sizer app (available in the app store and on google play) so you can determine your ring size if you don’t know it already. The way that this app works is that you take a ring you already own and place it on your screen and it will help you determine what size it is. Please bear in mind that most people’s fingers are all different sizes, and also differ from hand to hand. For example, my ring finger is larger on my right hand (dominant) than my left. Also, your fingers change size slightly depending on time of day, season, how hydrated you are, and how bloated you might be. All this means that you may not always be able to wear your rings on the fingers you bought them for, but if you’re willing to play around, you will still have a great ring stack game.

I’m so excited for all the summer vibes and all the fun jewelry I’m bringing you this month - I hope you are too! Stay tuned for more!!

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