Come Over All The Time

I'm a huge fan of Cleveland artist Erin Guido's work. Her fun, colorful, art pieces bring me so much joy. This may sound a little weird, but in person, she is exactly like her art - spending time with her will make your day better. And it's this spirit that she and her collaborator Lora are bringing to their kickstarter campaign for their new creative guest book

"We (not-so) secretly hope that this book will give you an extra nudge to hang out with friends IRL as often as you can. The world is a stressful place-- good friends make it a little less so."


I think I mentioned this before, but Nick and I went two years without hosting our friends for dinner parties, until we got wild and hosted 3 dinner parties in 4 weeks. While we don't plan on such an aggressive schedule going forward, we do plan to entertain more this year, and this guest book will be such a fun way to keep track of great times! Also, let's not kid ourselves - I'm really looking forward to some weird and funny drunk messages LOL

So if you have an opportunity, go check out Erin and Lora's kickstarter campaign, and maybe even fund it if you feel so inclined!