The Right Look for Thanksgiving Dinner

My very first Thanksgiving was in 1998 - I had just moved to the U.S. from India, and my friend Lisa invited me to Cleveland for my first Thanksgiving. Little did I know I would eventually move here, but that's a story for a different time. 

Anyway, my first Thanksgiving was a blast - I was surrounded by great friends and delicious food, and it quickly established a place in my heart as my favorite American holiday. 

There's some strategy involved in dressing for Thanksgiving - back in the time before social media, you could possibly get away with a mumu, but these days, it feels like there is an obligation to put a little effort into dressing for the day. I pig out unashamedly, so I'm always on the lookout for outfits that will look cute and pulled together, and yet won't get uncomfortable once I've stuffed my face. I also dress for napping ease, because we all know that the Thanksgiving coma is a real thing.

Below, I've pulled together a selection of looks that will serve as my inspiration this year. Click on the pictures to be directed to these women's Instagram profiles. All pictures have been taken from their Instagram pages, and if you feel so inclined, follow them too! 

CJ from All Dressed Up with Nothing to Drink

Love this super casual look of tee with a long cozy sweater, paired with leggings! 

Stella from The Hearts Dlite


Stella's look is a little more dressy with a blazer but still effortless and comfortable 

Aubrey from That's What She Eats

A comfy jersey dress with a blanket scarf? Yes please. So hygge. 

Candace from Live Love & Read

Another fabulous sleeve, with a pleated skirt. I bought a great pleated skirt at Target, which has the added benefit of an elastic waist! 

Dina from Dina's Days

Dina is a thrifting pro! She marries texture and color in fun, inventive ways, an best of all, her outfits are usually well under $50! 

Chelsea as of Late

If you loved wearing jumpsuits this summer, turn it into a Thanksgiving option by pairing it with a leather jacket!

Chelsea Olivia

I'm loving fun sleeves lately, and even though I'm more of a skinny jeans kinda woman, I'd do a flare for this outfit, assuming they were super stretchy, obviously ;)