Drunk Shopping

You’ve done it, I’ve certainly done it. Sometimes there’s shame, sometimes there’s bewilderment, and there’s almost always surprise. Welcome to drunk shopping.

According to a recent survey conducted by The Hustle, drunk shopping is a $45 billion industry. A quick snapshot:

  • 79% of alcohol consumers have made at least one drunk purchase

  • $444: Average annual spend per drunk shopper

  • Clothing and shoes are the most common drunk purchase

  • Amazon is the drunk shopping platform of choice

  • Drunk shopping is not a gendered thing- both men and women drunk shop equally

Earlier this week I started asking people on Instagram about their weirdest drunk shopping purchases, and although I shared some of the responses, they kept coming in, and I couldn’t stop laughing. And because I love a good laugh, I’ve decided to share them with you, although I won’t be sharing the respondent names. YOUR SECRETS ARE SAFE!!!

But first, let’s talk about mine. These days, my drunk shopping purchases tend to be household items like washing machine cleaner tabs or dog toys, but once upon a time they were bigger and way less practical. My weirdest drunk purchase was an in-person purchase at a vintage store. I bought a $300 restored vintage pedal car. We still have this car because I can’t bear to get rid of it, and I have never let a child get in it either

WHY DID I BUY THIS?! I have no answers.

WHY DID I BUY THIS?! I have no answers.

Here are some of my favorite responses from my Instagram poll:

I've started sleep shopping. I spent $400 on event tickets to an event in Washington D.C. I live in Cleveland.

I drunk-sleep-shopped pens from Japan and earrings from Singapore.

A California King sized air mattress

A tiny pink vacuum from Target

Facial products

I used to drunk shop Victoria’s Secret online in college and then forget about it…

A tuxedo for my dog. It was so tight that he just lay down like he was dead

Back in the day it was really bizarre iTunes purchases, like the Anchorman soundtrack

A bidet toilet seat

Legos and books about dinosaurs. I’m 33.

I was notorious for drunk Groupon purchases - fencing, race car driving, weird stuff

A Coach ponytail bow. It was 2007 and I was drunk eBaying.

A candle from KMART (of all places) that was lit in the bathroom of a party I was at

A bunch of bunion treatment stuff. Like way more than I needed.

A down comforter

I bought two “maxi beach kimono cardigans” at 1 am after taking Unisom

Rainbow Jeffrey Campbell mules

Clothes! Like I black out and forget what I ordered

Cheap fast fashion from Asia. I’m sorry to admit it.

My friend bought a car one

A lint roller

Midterms: I drunkenly donated to several candidates from random states. Still get emails

A giant floor mirror at Value City Furniture that I had to sit on to get home

Potato sacks in a Charleston antique shop

Old lady hand cream. For wrinkles.

These responses are so amazing! Can you top them? Drop me a comment with YOUR weirdest purchases!