My Favorite Podcasts

I’m a huge fan of podcasts, and I particularly enjoy listening to them while I’m walking my dogs or on my daily-ish commute (I work from home two days per week). I’m always seeing threads of people asking for podcast recommendations so I figured I would share some of my current favorites here!

Bad On Paper: I’ve only been listening to this podcast for a few weeks, and I like it because the hosts Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman talk a lot of about travel and books - both topics I very much enjoy. It’s a self-described young adulting podcast, but I’m pretty sure both hosts are in the mid-30s, so while I guess you’re technically a “young professional” until you’re 40, young adulting sounds like a stretch. Regardless, do not let this distract you from the fact that this is a very entertaining podcast for someone interested in travel and books.


Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: Jonathan Van Ness, one of the hosts of Queer Eye, is REALLY extra. The first time I watched Queer Eye, I was prepared to hate him for his extra-ness, but turns out, us extra people are magically drawn to each other. I say this to warn you that if you low tolerance for dramatic outbursts and quick sidebars, you will hate this podcast. If however, you are incredibly curious about all sorts of random things, and do not mind detours into strange topics or questionable English accents, you will enjoy this podcast as much as I do.

Oh my God henny, get ready for an amazing half-hour ish.

Is It Just Me?: Coming to you from across the pond, former Glamour magazine editor Jo Elvin and former deputy editor James Williams host interesting conversations with mostly Brit celebrities about the mundane, unusual, and the really important questions in life. In a recent episode, James asked “Is it just me who gets irrationally annoyed at people’s dietary restrictions” — no James, it is NOT just you.

Second Life: As someone who is currently trying to reinvent her career, this podcast is a particular favorite of mine because it tells the stories of professionals who started their career in one direction and have successfully made the pivot, sometimes in an entirely different direction. For me it’s one part inspiration, and one part reminder that change takes time, and in the moment it might feel incredibly slow and frustrating, but as long as things are changing in the direction you want, you just have to keep going.


The Dave Chang Show: Part genius, part media darling, part enfant terrible, Dave Chang might just be one of the most interesting people in the world. His Netflix show Ugly Delicious made me cry - it told the story of food in America, and ultimately any story about food in America is an immigrant story, and one of sharing, and nostalgia, and creating community. As an immigrant myself (albeit one who does not cook much Indian food) it got me right in the feels. Anyway, I was expecting more of the same in his podcast, and well, it’s not quite like the show. Sure Dave interviews quite a few chefs, but he also brings on artists, and athletes and while they talk about food and restaurant culture, they also talk about so much more. Dave is naturally curious, which makes this podcast so interesting. Warning - there are a lot of F-bombs in this podcast, so if you have kids in the car, or are listening at work, you have been warned.

BONUS: So, I know a lot of you are huge fans of true crime podcasts, and if you are, I highly recommend The Teacher’s Pet. Based in Australia, this podcast tells the story of a young mother, Lyn Dawson, who just ups and disappears one day, leaving behind a 4-year old and a 2-year old. She takes NOTHING with her. A few days later, her husband moves his teen lover into the house. Sounds like a slam-dunk, right? Except, that the husband Chris Dawson has never been charged with a crime. What struck me most is that so many people thought “someone else was talking to the police or doing something” that no one did anything at the most critical time. It’s unimaginable that something like this would happen today, but that doesn’t take anything away from the podcast. I’m still on episode 9, and I can’t wait to see how it ends!