Friday Five 4.5.19

As you read this, i’m traipsing around New Orleans with my girlfriends. These are my friends from my very first job ever, and we’ve been friends every since. We try and plan a visit nearly every year to hang out and catch up in person. Once upon a time, these get togethers involved us getting rip roaring drunk, but these days it’s more classic cocktails and sheet masks.

Anyway, here are some things to entertain you this Friday as you think about your wonderful weekend!


I LOVE fashion, and I’m particularly drawn to historical fashion. It’s probably why I really love period pieces too. This round up of the most influential fashion trends by the decade is a must-read for fashion fans! If you’re a fashion fan and you’re in Cleveland this summer, mark your calendar for Si Jolie - French Fashion in Cleveland - a brand new exhibit opening at the Cleveland History Center on July 14th.

One of my big aspirations this year is to do more speaking engagements. I’ve been on TV a few times over the past 6 months and it’s sparked a desire to do more. I’m working on a topic around career development, and if you’re interested in helping out, I would be so grateful if you would please take this survey. This is open to absolutely anyone, so please share it if you can. In any case, I’m actively trying to clean up my sloppy speech habits - I’m notorious for starting verbal sentences with “So…” UGH.

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I make no apologies for the fact that I’m fascinated by and slightly obsessed with royal families. It’s probably related to princess stories in childhood, but regardless, it’s a thing. I don’t discriminate against royals, but the British royals are probably my favorites, only because there’s so much more information about them. And with Meghan Markle as part of “the firm” I’m even more interested. Anyway, in big news this week, Meghan and Harry launched their very own Instagram account - @sussexroyal!! Lots of behind-the-scenes looks at what they’re up to!

If you want even more royal news, I’m a huge fan of the Royally Obsessed podcast (who by the way, totally called that this separate Instagram account would happen!). Kaitlin Menza and Lisa Ryan both write about the royals for various publications so their coverage is really on point. Grab yourself a royal cocktail (G&T’s are very thematic) and have a listen!

That’s it from me for this week!! Cheers to the weekend!!