Friday Five 3.29.19

Hello Friday!! I got lazy last night so NIck and I got pizza and Negroni’s for dinner, so it kinda feels like the weekend has started already. We have a busy weekend planned and we’re catching some movies at the Cleveland Film Fest. Film Fest is one of my absolute favorite events of early spring - so much beautiful and thought-provoking, sometimes very funny art to be consumed. If you’re in town, and have never been, definitely go check it out! If you’re not in Cleveland, no worries - I have weekend options for you too. Just keep scrolling down.


Read and try:

Are you looking for happiness? Yale is offering an online class on happiness through Coursera for FREE!! If you’re struggling to feel your best right now, this just may be the thing to get started off on the right foot.


I’ve talked about this in prior blog posts, but this year I’ve been trying to more conscious about my single use waste. I am not perfect by any means - not even close, but any improvement makes a difference. I’ve been trying to be better about taking my own lunch to work each day, but I’ve struggled with finding a non-plastic, reusable way to carry snacks to work. I recently bought these Bumkins sandwich/snack bags that you can clean by sticking them in the washing machine or the top rack of your dishwasher. I’ve also had my eye on these silicone bags, although I haven’t bought them yet. If you’re someone who takes plastic baggies into work or wherever you go, a small transition to something reusable can make a huge difference to the amount of waste you create.

Watch and Listen:

Nick and I watched a super fun movie last weekend: Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. The movie is beautifully done - it has a comic book meets modern video game feel. The story is heart-warming, the cast is diverse, and the soundtrack is AMAZING!! You should definitely listen to it after to watch the movie!

If you’re looking for more stuff to watch, The New York Times put out a list of the 50 Best Movies on Netflix right now. Some of these are new, some are old, all are worth watching!