Friday Five 4.12.19

It’s SPRING!!!! Which means flowers, golf naps (oh come on, you KNOW that’s what golf on TV is perfect for), spring cleaning, and finally putting away those winter coats. With that in mind, today’s Friday Five includes a few fashion conversations too! Enjoy!


If you’ve been following for the past few months, or you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I’ve been trying to be more conscious about my plastic consumption, and in general, this means that I’ve been trying to reduce my single-use plastic consumption this year. That said, turns out, not every plastic alternative or solution is good for the environment - some of it might be just as harmful long term.


Paris is beautiful all times of year, but there’s something magical about Paris in the Springtime. At least, that’s what all the gorgeous instagram photos tell me. I’ve been to Paris in the late summer, and it was gorgeous, but this post about secret spots in Paris makes me want to book a trip ASAP.


Pinky rings are the new fashion trend - will you be wearing them this summer? I’ve been piling on more rings now that I don’t need gloves anymore, so I’m not opposed to the pinky ring, although perhaps mine will be more like stacking rings. In the mean time, I’m going to wear my other new favorite accessory, inspired by The Fashion Magpie

Like most people who work in “traditional=conservative” work environments, my work wardrobe is mostly black or grey. But I’m feeling very inspired by my friend Charity who posts pictures of her fabulous, colorful outfits in her Instagram stories every day. But what will the colors I choose say about me at work? Spoiler alert- I’m not sure I believe it any of it.


This is my new favorite work playlist. Enjoy.

If you have recommendations of things for me to check out, email me at or DM me on Instagram with your suggestions, and I might just feature them and you in a future Friday Five!