Friday Five 5.3.2019

Happy Friday!!! I am SO excited for this weekend - I’m going to be out and about doing ALL the fun things. Friday night I’m going to see Ali Wong live with my friend Janet, and then I have not one but TWO Derby parties this weekend. I don’t have a hat — yet… shame on me. But I have faith that I can pull this off with aplomb! Stay tuned. In the mean time, here’s what’s caught my eye this week!


My mild obsession with plants continue, despite my notorious black thumb. This past weekend I planted a bunch of spring/summer plants including Lilies, Marigolds, gladiolus, and then I’m also attempting to grow flowers from seed, which has had a disastrous results in the past. I struggle with the whole full-sun, shade thing - this year I’m actually paying attention to what I put where. If you’re more into indoor plants, here’s a piece from My Domaine on plants that do well in low light. Also i can say from personal experience that ZZs, peace lilies work REALLY well in low light and slight neglect.

All is not well in the world of mass-market fine jewelry. This long-form story by the New York Times on the sexist business practices at America’s largest jewelry retailer had me dropping my jaw several times. If you’ve ever needed a reason to shop small and local when buying fine jewelry, this is it. My personal fine jewelers are Liza Michelle Jewelry , Wanderlust Jewelers and Lingg - I’ve shopped all these brands and their workmanship is exquisite, and their styles are very different. If you’re more in the mood for fashion jewelry, of course please check out our Bombay Taxi Capsule FOUR and our new One of a Kind Collection!

Check out our  One of a Kind Collection !


I’m OBSESSED with the new Netflix show Street Food. Don’t watch this hungry though or you’re going to want ALL the food. And once you’ve stopped drooling, save this piece by Refinery 29th where they give you a list of all the eateries featured on the show!


I’m usually telling you how to spend money on this blog ;) but today I want to introduce you to Digit - I downloaded this tool just about a month ago, and it takes tiny amounts of money out of your checking account (securely) and puts it into a little savings account. I’m using mine to save up for a new laptop (definitely a want rather than a need), and I’ve already saved over $200 without noticing!!!!

Sign up with this link and we'll each get $5.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and there’s no better time than the present to start saving for something fun (or an emergency fund!)

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