Friday Five 8.2.2019

So I’ve been doing a little bit of a lot of things, but haven’t done 5 of anything worth talking about, so today I’m going to do something fun and silly and run down my 5 favorite mass-produced candy.

  1. Kit-Kat but only if it’s French: There is a HUGE difference between American Kit-Kat and European Kit-Kat and the ones you can buy in France are the best. How do I know this? Because Nick and I have extensively researched Kit-Kat in Europe. We are really suffering with our inferior Kit-Kat quality here :( Nick has also informed me that I need to thank him for introducing me to French Kit-Kat so this is my public THANK YOU to him

  2. Toblerone: I have a real weakness for those triangles, and prefer the really big ones over the more dainty bars. Bigger is definitely better

  3. Ferrero Rocher: I think my love for this has to do with the fact that it was nearly impossible to get these growing up in India, so they were quite the delicacy. Plus the individual gold foil wrapping - it was like a tiny little gift, just for you! I’ve had an obsession with chocolate hazelnut ever since

  4. Twix: This reminds me of my freshman year of college - the first time I’d ever eaten Twix. Exam week included a lot of Twix + Diet Coke

  5. Sour Patch Kids: I am powerless against these. Put a bag in front of me, and I’m definitely eating them until my jaw hurts from over active salivary glands.

You will notice that there are no peanut butter chocolates on here, and that’s because I didn’t start eating peanut butter until I was well into my 20s. We just didn’t have it when I was growing up in India.

What are your favorite drug store/grocery store/gas station candies?? I’m so curious to find out, so leave them in the comments please!!!

Things to do in Cleveland Ohio in August.jpg


In this segment I highlight some fun events happening in Cleveland over the next several weeks.

Starting June 20th - August 11th: Asian Lantern Festival is back!!! Head over to the zoo every Thursday - Sunday from 6:30- 10:00 pm for this amazing display of Asian art via lanterns. If you want a peek before you go, check out my recent blog post.

Every weekend this summer: The Terminal Tower Observation Deck is open! Take in some amazing views and take self-guided tour of this historical building. Advance tickets required.

August 1st - 3rd: The 9th Annual International Ohio Burlesque Festival. This three day festival features 60+ entertainers from all over the world, performing Burlesque, Drag, Variety, Vaudeville and so much more! This is a ticketed event.

August 2nd: MIX at Cleveland Museum of Art. It’s been a few months since I’ve been to MIX but this monthly event is always so much fun. Listen to music, look at some amazing global art, have a few cocktails, and see some of the coolest people in Cleveland just hanging out! Excellent people watching at this event. This is free for CMA Members, ticketed otherwise.

August 3rd: Lakewood Arts Festival This is one of my favorite annual summer arts festivals. This is a free event.

August 3rd: PRO SHOP Markets at Mahall’s. If you’re out in Lakewood for the Arts Fest, add on to it, and check out even more vendors at Mahall’s. Bonus: you can sip a cocktail while your browse and shop!

August 9th: Tequila Tasting at Azure. Taste Tequila on a rooftop while enjoying great views of Cleveland! This is a ticketed event.

August 9th: The Cleveland Flea is back on the East side for their Night Market at Van Aken.

August 15th - August 18th: 2019 Annual Feast of the Assumption. Yes, this is a religious festival, but for those of us who are not religious (like me), this is also a food festival. Sample Little Italy’s best restaurants and hop from stall to stall filling your belly. I highly recommend taking the train, other transit or rideshare to this event. Parking is a nightmare.

August 17th: The Cleveland Water Lantern festival. I am really excited for this event - I can only imagine how pretty the lanterns will be, lighting up the water. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact like I am, don’t worry - the lanterns are made of eco friendly wood and rice paper, and are picked up from the water and removed after the festival. This is a ticketed event, so get your tickets soon!

August 17th - 18th: Fourth Annual Flats Festival of the Arts. From ceramics to woodwork, to photography and painting, there will be hundreds of artists displaying their work from around the country. This is a free event.

August 18th: Alicia is hosting Yoga + Beer at Platform Beer Co once again to raise $ for The Arthritis Foundation. This is also a ticketed event.

August 23rd: Art in the Parc Bombay Taxi Boutique will be a vendor at this event and I have some FABULOUS new jewelry, including some gorgeous rings and earrings.

August 23rd - September 2nd: Big Bounce America 2019. Want to jump around in the world’s biggest bounce house and/or live out your Ninja Warrior dreams? This is also a ticketed event.

August 24th: Cleveland Pickle Fest. Everything pickle-related.

August 24th: Cleveland Garlic Festival. I’ve never been to this event before but THIS is the year I go!

August 29th: Spark 2019 Grit to Great. Hosted by the Cleveland Leadership Center, Spark 2019 is a half-day symposium on innovation and disruption.

August 30th: Believe in CLE Yoga 2019. I missed this the past couple of years but this event is the largest gathering of yogis in Cleveland. If you want to feel some really great vibes, sign up for this free event.

I will update this list each week in the summer. ENJOY!

If you are hosting an event and would like me to mention it, please email me using the Contact Page on my website. These events are sorted by date so please make sure your event has not already been included when you email me. Thanks!