Celebrating Paper

Remember when the mail used to be fun? Now it’s just bills and ads and other non-fun paperwork. I’ve always liked receiving little notes and sending them as well - it brightens my day to be the one sending or receiving something fun in the mail!

I’m so impressed by what people are doing with paper these days - from fun cards to paper straws and even flowers, there’s no limit to the art being created with something as humble as paper.

I’m sharing some of my favorites today and I hope you enjoy clicking through and checking out these amazing artists.

AKR Design Studio: I enjoy Akiko’s designs so much that I included a selection of her cards as part of Bombay Taxi Boutique so you can add them to your orders (and I will even handwrite a note if that’s what you choose). Fun, whimsical with pretty artwork - a really nice selection for the modern woman!

One of the AKR Design Studio  cards that you can find in our shop !

One of the AKR Design Studio cards that you can find in our shop!

Dixie + Twine: I met Amber at Alt Summit several years ago, and have been buying confetti and party banners and fun paper straws ever since! Her love for glitter and bright colors are sure to brighten up your next party!

Sapling Press: Lisa and her team have created such a fun and funny selection of paper goods - I routinely laugh out loud at her work.

Lake Erie Design Co: If you like plants and other botanicals, you will enjoy Nikki’s art at Lake Erie Design Co. Her work is very delicate looking and so pretty - the perfect addition to your desk or handbag!

The Pretty Paper Petal: HUGE thanks to my friend Kattie of Haus of Cool for introducing me to Stephanie earlier this week because I’ve fallen down a massive rabbit hole of gorgeous paper florals. Her florals look so realistic that I’ve had to look twice several times just to make sure they were still paper! As much as a love real cut flowers, these may be an even better substitute because they last so much longer!

May 1st is National Stationery Day - I hope you celebrate the day by sending a loved one some fun paper mail - even a little note just to let them know you’re thinking of them can make all the difference in the world!