Friday Five 4.19.19

This has been a week but I was cheered up by flowers from my dear friend Gina, and ice cream cake from my darling husband. Going into the weekend with all the happy vibes.

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Speaking of vibes, your woo-woo astrology habit isn’t worthless at all. In fact, venture capital is putting money into a number of mystical companies, including my FAVORITE astology app Co-Star. Go ahead and download this fun, free app, and learn a little something about yourself and also follow them on Instagram for more fun!

Are you spring cleaning? These resources may help you clean out the various areas of your life!

Drink: Are you a bourbon fan? Here’s a list of 16 of the best bourbons just in time for the Kentucky Derby. Also check out these mint julep recipes, ranging from the classic to modern variations!

Cheers to the weekend!!!