Saturday Brunch in Cleveland

Brunch is my favorite meal of the week. Mimosas, Bloody Marys, chicken and waffles, pancakes, biscuits and gravy -- I pretty much love ALL of it. I love a Sunday Funday brunch, but sometimes I also want a Saturday brunch. A Saturday brunch is harder to find than you might think, but here's a list of Cleveland restaurants that do a damn fine Saturday brunch!

The Plum: Frequently called "The most instagrammable restaurant in Cleveland" The Plum only does a Saturday brunch. Want to do brunch there on a Sunday? TOO BAD. Their Saturday brunch is outstanding though, and never ever disappoints. Both the drinks and the food change seasonally, although there are some favorites that stick around all year. Fun variations on mimosas, and the Bloody Mary has a uniquely Indian twist that makes it particularly delicious. And yes, the food is as instagrammable as the decor.

My favorite breakfast in Cleveland: Biscuits and gravy at The Plum.

My favorite breakfast in Cleveland: Biscuits and gravy at The Plum.

Soho Chicken + Whiskey: If you haven't been to Soho for brunch yet, you need to change your weekend plans and do this right away. They offer the same brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday  for a double dose of delicious. If you like Bloody Marys, get the stuck pig with the meat stick. Pass on the mimosa and get the De La Soul instead. 

Flying Fig: Flying Fig was one of the first non-diner restaurants to do Saturday brunch (I don't know if this is officially true, but it's how I remember it), and offers a mix of brunch and lunch items. Their sweet sides are delicious and the perfect shareable before a savory main. 

Photo credit: The Flying Fig/ Karin McKenna Photography

Photo credit: The Flying Fig/Karin McKenna Photography

XYZ The Tavern: If you wake up early on a Saturday, starving for brunch, XYZ's 9 am opening will be happy to accommodate you. This is not a gourmet brunch, but its a solid step up from a diner - reliable, good, but isn't going to knock your socks off.

Le Petit Triangle: If you'd like to take a break from Cleveland and head over to Paris for a morning, Le Petit Triangle will do the trick. I visited Paris for the first time a few years ago, and Le Petit Triangle definitely lives up to its French roots - the only difference is that outdoor seating in Parisian cafes faces the street, where as in the U.S. you face your dining companion. The crepes are to die for, as are the omelettes. Get both.

Photo credit:  Foods of Jane . If you're not following this food blogger, you are missing out on a lot of food porn.

Photo credit: Foods of Jane. If you're not following this food blogger, you are missing out on a lot of food porn.

Yours Truly: If you're looking for solid diner style food with a cocktail, Yours Truly is where you want to be. An extensive breakfast menu if you're there at breakfast time, and an all-day breakfast if you fancy it at another time of day. 

I hope this post has made you hungry enough to alter your Saturday plans and find a way to fit in brunch at one of these fine establishments! Cheers to happy brunching!