Why I'm Wearing a Dress I Hate

This past weekend, I wore a dress that by all accounts looks pretty - it photographs well, is very instagrammable, but the truth is, I HATE THIS DRESS. 


Why would I wear a dress I hate so much? 

A few months ago, I found myself inundated with Facebook and Instagram ads for a New Jersey based apparel company - the clothing looked very cute, and the prices were so unbelievably low, that after about 3 weeks of constant ads, I had reached by breaking point. I clicked through. The sheer volume of pretty summer clothes... I ended up buying 2 dresses and a bathing suit, all for a whopping $50.

About 10 days later my packages arrived. Dress 1, in a large, was so tiny that I'm not sure any normally proportioned woman would be able to get herself into it. The chest-to-shoulder ratio was so absurd that there was no possible way for it to fit well, or frankly, at all. The bathing suit, also a large, fit ok, but didn't look nearly as cute as it did online.

And then there was the tropical print dress - the one I hate. This was not one bit like the photo - completely sheer, this dress had the most absurd proportions of all. Another large, this one had regular to slightly skinny arms, but a chest cavity so impossibly large that I'm not sure how it was even remotely possible that the dress could fit well. Terrible cut, cheap fabric - I was 0.5/3 not this whole experience. 

And then there was the fact that I had spent $50 on this debacle. And if the retail value of this was $50, then what was the person making this dress even paid? And the environmental impact of having this clothing made, shipped from Asia, only to immediately end up in a landfill?! There was no choice - I had to wear the one dress I could actually get into. I had to make it work, if only to lessen the guilt I felt at all this waste. 

I wore it for a photoshoot, and then wore it again this past weekend, styled with a floral crown, flash tattoos, a fun Bombay Taxi Boutique bracelet, and amazing makeup - it was a look that worked, even in a dress I absolutely hated. 

Now, I am going to tell you who made these outfits, and even give you a link to the dress. But BE WARNED: if you click on the link to the dress, you will be served up non stop ads on Facebook and Instagram. With that warning in place, the dress came from SheIN (formerly known as She Inside - I know -- who came up with this horrible name?!) and you can find the object of my loathing here

Moral of the story: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.