Designer fashion. OMG

A Great Look to Start 2012

So I spent NewYear's Eve at a wedding. Double the need to come up with a TRULY fabulous outfit. And what better way to go fabulous inexpensively, than Rent the Runway! I had used RTR before, my had an odd case of reverse body dysmorphia, and picked a dress, that quite frankly, looked like sausage casing. Luckily, since then, I've discovered the true shape of my body, and picked a dress that was absolutely perfect: the Badgley Mischka draped dream dress, pictured here.

Sadly, I don't think I have a picture of me standing in the dress, but it was absolutely gorgeous on, and I felt like a princess!! Incidentally, if you want to rent your own dress, say for Jump Back Ball, use the RTR link above. In any case, here are some pictures from the wedding (you may have seen them already on Twitter/Instagram, so I apologize).

I will offer you one warning about RTR: it is possible that despite reading the reviews, and carefully picking your outfit, you may not like your dress. Therefore, always make sure you have a back-up that you are satisfied with, so as to avoid last minute wardrobe-induced panic!!!!

...Let them eat cake

I was at Bazaar Bizzare this weekend, and had an opportunity to meet the fabulous Valerie Mayen (who was on a little show called Project Runway), who is absolutely adorable and a complete sweetheart in person! I thought she did a wonderful job representing Cleveland on PR, and she's just as friendly and gracious in person.

If you'd like to meet her in person, or check out her collection in person, she will be debuting her pop-up shop at Beachwood Place this upcoming weekend. On the 17th, Beachwood Place is hosting a special cocktail party, where you will have get a sneak peek at her collection, meet Valerie in person and sample delectable delights from A Cookie and a Cupcake and Lilly Handmade Chocolates (if you read this blog, you know I'm a huge fan of both).

On the 18th, her collection will be available for purchase. Her collection is also availble on etsy, and any of these pieces will make a really great gift for the fashionista/PR fanatic on your shopping list. Here are some of my favorite pieces, and I have to say, these pictures do not do them justice. They are so cute and fun and well constructed!!

Did you watch PR this season? What did you think of Valerie's performance? How do you feel about who won? (I would've loved to see Valerie win, but Mondo really presented some amazing stuff that got better as the season progressed!)

Raining cats and dogs

If you live in NorthEast Ohio, this is not news to you: it rains a lot in Cleveland. Probably not as much as say, Seattle, but its still a decent amount. More often than not, the rain is accompanied by crazy wind, which renders any umbrella practically useless, particulary if you're walking through downtown Cleveland. I learned this valuable lesson very early on in my Cleveland experience, and have given up on the whole "umbrella thing" except to the extent that I use it to cover my head.

Instead, I use a trench coat. Its an invaluable piece of a woman's (or for that matter, a man's) wardrobe, and I think everyone should have one. My current trench is a classic tan Michael Kors that I bought a couple of years ago at Marshalls, but lately, I've found myself enamored with this beauty:

Burberry Brit Double Breasted Trench $795

I've never spent $800 on a single item of clothing, but considering that (a) it rains a lot (b) I would have this forever, and (c) it will NEVER go out of style, I'm thinking that the cost per wear on this will in fact be very very low (like your favorite pair of jeans), and this might just be a worthwhile long term investment. Kinda like diamonds.

Burberry Classic Trench for men $750

What do you think? What's the most expensive piece of clothing you've ever bought, and was it worth the "investment"?

Don't forget to comment on this post for an automatic entry to my first ever giveaway, which just so happens to be a animal print bracelet, that would look absolutely lovely with a trench coat, particularly if you are a woman.

Temple St Clair for Target

Have you heard of Temple St. Clair? I hadn't either until I heard that she was designing a collection of jewelry for Target! She started designing jewelry in Florence, Italy in 1986, and has been creating beautiful pieces ever since.

I've taken a look at her fine jewelry on her website, and its absolutely beautiful! I love her use of colored stones, but there's no way I'm paying $275,000 for a bracelet unless I win the lottery, which I haven't done yet. From what I've heard, her collection for Target (launching August 29th) features the same beautiful saturated colored stones, but they will all be costume (aka fake). I will definitely be checking out the collection for a few reasons:

1. I LUUUURVE jewelry. duh.
2. I luuuuurve colored stones
3. Her name includes St. Clair (my beautiful baby girl's name)
4. She started in Florence (one of my favorite cities in the world)
5. The collection is for Target = cheap chic!

Again, the collection launches August 29th!! I can't wait!!