Listening Now: Alt-J

A few weeks ago, I purchased the debut album by Alt-J, An Awesome Wave. Alt-J are an English indie band (yes, again, I know... I can't help it... my musical taste is currently inclined to what's coming out of England), who will incidentally be performing at sxsw this Thursday, March 12th. They are also coming to Cleveland, June 11th!!!!!!!

To be honest, I enjoy the whole album-- its sorta mellow... perfect for listening to at work. One of my absolute favorite songs on the album is a little more upbeat... so without much further ado, I bring you Dissolve Me...

Recovering from Downton Abbey

I've previously blogged about my obsession with Downton Abbey, and Season 3 did nothing to dim my enthusiasm. I'm not going to give anything away about the season, but suffice it to say, there were MANY EXHAUSTING EMOTIONAL ups and downs. For those of you who watched the entire season, you know exactly what I mean....

If the season left you wanting more, albeit with a little levity, I invite you to read Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey (note: its available in kindle format as well!)

I only just started the book, and I absolutely LURVE it so far!! Of course, there is the added appeal of it being a comic book, which makes it an even faster read!! If you do pick it up, let me know what you think! Maybe we can even do a book club meet up (aka excuse to drink wine)?!

Listening Now: My Number

Happy Monday/Tuesday for all those of you who were off for Presidents Day!!! This week, I'm very VERY excited to bring you new music by Foals. Hailing from Oxford, England, this group released its very first album in 2008. Their most recent album, Holy Fire was released just this past Tuesday, and to celebrate, I bring you- My Number

If you like this song, and decide to check out the whole album (which is really great, btw), AND decide that you might want to see Foals live, I have great news for you!! They will be performing in Cleveland on May 13th, at the House of Blues!!! Tickets available right here.

Listening Now: Kemosabe by Everything Everything

I absolutely ADORE this song-- I think its the synthesizers and vaguely 80s feel that really REALLY appeals to me. Everything Everything is a British indie band (shocking! Me loving Brit music?! Inconceivable!! LOL) that released its debut album in 2010.

Kemosabe is off their newest EP Cough Cough, released just last week! I have to be honest- I had to look up the meaning of "Kemosabe" and while it may not spell romance, I think its sorta fitting given that its Valentine's week. So while I absolutely encourage you swooning over your significant other this week, I hope you will take a moment to appreciate those trusted friends in your life as well!

XO and ENJOY!!


Listening Now: Paloma Faith

If you haven't entered the $100 Madewell contest, you should definitely do that


. Remember that you can tweet and post on facebook every day for additional entries. Don't forget to leave your email so I can get a hold of you!! 

If you flipped through the August issue of any of the major fashion magazines, chances are you saw her looking back at you

Who is she, you might ask... Well, she is Paloma Faith, British singer-songwriter who was compared to Adele in one of these magazines. I think the Adele comparison is taking it a bit too far- I don't think she has quite the voice of Adele or Florence Welch or Amy Winehouse but she is very enjoyable nonetheless: I would compare her more to Duffy (remember her of 'Mercy' fame?).

Her album is due in the U.S. sometime later this year, but it is available as an import via amazon. One of my FAVORITE songs off her new album is called Picking Up the Pieces, and is also available for


.  ENJOY!!