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Mad Hat(ter)s all around

Happy Halloween all!! Hope you had a lovely weekend/day trick-or-treating/handing out candy or however you celebrated! N and I handed out 16 lbs of candy, AND we ran out!! Is that normal or does our neighborhood just get more kids?

This week, I'm really looking forward to Thursday night. Why, you ask? Well, its because is the Kickoff Event for one of my most FAVORITE parties in Cleveland, Jump Back Ball!!! If you remember, N and I attended JBB 20 earlier this year and had an ABSOLUTE blast!! This year I'm even more excited because (1) JBB turns 21, and who doesn't love a 21st birthday celebration, and (2) I absolutely LUUUUUURRVVEE this year's theme- Through The Looking Glass!!

Whether your inspiration is the Disney version or the Tim Burton version (LOVE LOVE LOVE), I'm envisioning some exceptional outfits- lots of white, red, suspenders, stripes, blues, headbands, and of course, my FAVORITE- HATS!!! I can't imagine a more perfect opportunity to debut an absolutely stunning headpiece!!!

Although Jump Back Ball 21 doesn't happen until February 25th, 2012, trust me when I say that its NOT TOO EARLY to plan your attendance. There's a limited number of tickets, and they absolutely do sell out (and have done so for the past few years!). So if you would like to attend, here's how you can get your tickets:
1. Starting Friday, November 4th, you may buy them online here . VIP tickets are $200 each, and General Admission Tickets are $150 ($125 for Partners)- Information on the difference between the two categories is available here.
2. And I HIGHLY recommend this- Join me at Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City on Thursday November 3rd from 6-8 pm to buy your tickets in person. General Admission tickets will be $130 (that's a 13% savings) AND no handling fee. The kickoff event will be the ONLY time Playhouse Square will be offering the tickets at this price (there is a two ticket limit per person). And besides, the event will feature complimentary appetizers, drink specials and prizes. What's not to luurve about that?!?

Full disclosure: Playhouse Square has offered me two VIP tickets in exchange for my help promoting the event on my blog. However, you should know that had I not received this offer, I would be at the Kickoff Party bright and early at 6:00 pm to secure my tickets!! I did just that last year, and it was totally worth it. The Kickoff Party was fun, and Jump Back Ball was a RIDICULOUSLY fun evening!!! I hope to see you on Thursday, and then again in February!!!

Planning for the weekend

So, I know its only Tuesday, but its never too early to start planning for the weekend. This is going to be another really busy weekend in Cleveland!! I know there's going to be things that I'm missing, but here's what I'm going to be doing this weekend:

Friday night is yet another installment of Tremont's monthly Art Walk. I've talked about this before, but if you're looking for some truly unique pieces of jewelry or accessories, or home furnishings, you should really spend the evening in Tremont. The abundance of boutiques and restaurants and bars makes for a really fun night, I promise.

Saturday morning, Jessi and I are participating in the Race for the Cure. We were supposed to run it, but ahem, we forgot to train, so I'm not sure if we're going to walk or run. I haven't run since May, but its only 5k, and I'm half tempted to just wing it. Its going to be a game-time decision, so I'll let you know what I end up doing.

Saturday is also the 2010 Sparx City Hop. I've never participated in the City Hop before, but I plan to change that this year. I really want to go to Asia Town and maybe even do some day drinking in Ohio City.

Sunday also brings the Berea Arts Fest to town, but I will miss that event, because Sunday is also the first day of Browns football. Obviously, I will be cheering on #73 Joe Thomas as I always do. GO BROWNS!!! And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Best. Firsthalfofweek. EVER!

I'm having such a fantastic week, and guess what? YOU get to be the beneficiary of it this Friday at 5 pm if you live in Cleveland!!!!
So, Monday I received a text from someone with some fantastic news. I'm not quite ready to share the news yet (in case I jinx it), but let's just say that sometime in the next two weeks, something that I've wanted to happen for a long time, may, in fact, be happening.

Tuesday, we had a fantastic time at yappy hour at Tremont Tap House, which was only made better by the fact that I WON A HAPPY HOUR A REDDSTONE!!!

This is where you, as reader of my blog, benefit:

The Happy Hour starts this Friday, June 11th at 5, and runs ALL NIGHT! There's free pizza and wings from 6PM until 9PM, and happy hour specials ($1 off drinks) all night long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you have to do is show up at Reddstone (1261 West 76th St, Cleveland) and let them know that you're there for CLEshopaholic's Happy Hour!!!!
(can you tell I'm really excited?! I'm really looking forward to seeing those of you I know, and meeting those of you I don't!)

See you there!!!