cute or not?

In honor of the Royal Wedding...

As you may remember, last year I was completely OBSESSED with the Royal Wedding. I even took the day off and woke up SUPER early to live chat the wedding with my dear friend CJ. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Mattel released special edition William and Kate dolls in honor of the couple's one year anniversary (April 29th, in case you're wondering). Turns out, they were released on Valentine's Day and are now no longer available through Mattel!!

Living out your princess dreams with dolls. Only mildly creepy.

Not to fear! The good news is that it IS still available through Barbie Collector  if you're so inclined...

Happy Anniversary Will and Kate!

Pants and Potpourri

So, if you've flipped through a fashion mag lately, you will notice that among other prints, denim manufacturers are trying to get you to add these to your wardrobe:

From L to R: Paige Denim "Skyline", J Brand, Citizens of Humanity "Mandy"

Yesterday, Allison and I had a conversation that revolved around the topic of printed denim (and I've edited/paraphrased here...)

Me: How do you feel about printed denim? I'm very undecided on the matter...

Allison: It depends... I've seen some light snow leopard pants I'm a fan of...

Me: I've decided I definitely don't like floral. Definitely. Looks like a couch.

Allison: Look, I'm not potpourri, so don't make me look like it! 

Couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!

For the record, we have concluded that we are fine with floral bottoms, as long as they're either a short skirt or shorts. Bottom to ankle floral is a no-no for us. Will you go floral bottoms this summer? What about other printed denim?