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Event Recap: 3rd Annual All About The Bag

It seems like it was so long ago when I first posted about All About The Bag! The big night was tonight, and if I had to summarize it in two words, I would say SO FUN!! If you recall, Bombay Taxi donated a one-of-a-kind handmade bag and provided goodies for the gift bag, but as a lifestyle/fashion blogger, I was also invited to be a part of the event. 

The event started off at 6 pm, with an open bar and heavy hors d'oeuvres (sliders and asian rice noodle box), which got everyone ready to have a good time (and donate generously) at the charity raffle. They had two categories of tickets: one for items valued at about $350 and under, and the other truly luxury items like a Louis Vuitton bag, and you just dropped your raffle tickets into the basket for the item you wanted. The catch was that you had to be present to claim your item if you won. In any case, the Bombay Taxi bag above was in great company with a hide bag from Haven Style and a beautiful FOUNT tote, in addition to some of the more well-known national retailers like Kate Spade and Michael Kors. There were other options as well: wine, pampering sessions, gym and studio memberships, lululemon - a nice variety for almost every fashion interest.

Yours truly with Sivan, Priya, and Charity ( Photo credit: Ben Crawford

Yours truly with Sivan, Priya, and Charity ( Photo credit: Ben Crawford

There was a lot of activity around the raffle items until 8:00 pm, when it was time for the fashion show. The show kicked off with a presentation by Brigade and proceeded to a fun awards presentation for 5 finalists from Virginia Marti College who did a Project Runway type challenge. The winner (my fave) was a fabulous young woman, Devi Crump, who designed a dress from Arizona Iced Tea packaging!

To be honest, the fashion show was the least interesting part of the night: the clothes were a little too casual-- they sent SO many people down the runway in denim- I would have liked to see some variety. (Note to any organizers reading: I volunteer to help curate next year's fashion show-- drop me a line!) Still, it was fun to cheer on our CLEbrities as they walked down the runway. 

With Charity (L) and Jessika (R)

With Charity (L) and Jessika (R)

The raffle winners were announced right after the show, and while I didn't win anything, I did get to see the winner of the Bombay Taxi Bag, who was absolutely delightful, and so excited to win!

Overall, this was a really well executed, fun event that raised some much needed funds to fight hunger in our community! It was an absolute pleasure working with the Committee that put this together, and I'm already looking forward to next year's event! 


Disclosure: I was provided with two tickets to attend the event in exchange for promotional help. In addition, Bombay Taxi was a donor (as described in the post). As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

Board Meetings Are Fun

What do you do in your spare time? Do you workout? Do you read? Do you volunteer? As much as I enjoy going out and having a great time, some of my most personally fulfilling moments come from the time I volunteer to Secondhand Mutts. My favorite volunteer activity is chaperoning the dogs at various events. I absolutely LUUURRVE dogs, so any one-on-one time that I can spend with them is certainly time well spent!! And in addition to volunteering, I'm also a Board Member for Secondhand Mutts.

Last night, we had our Board Meeting, and unlike most meetings, this week, our Board was joined by five, 6-week old puppies. And then this happened...

If you're looking for volunteer opportunities at Secondhand Mutts, you can find more information here. If dogs are not your thing, there are literally hundreds of non-profits across Northeastern Ohio that could use your time. Just find an organization that interests you and contact them!!! You will help support a cause that means something to you, have an opportunity to meet some amazing people, and might even have an opportunity to take on a leadership role!! Give it a shot... you might surprise yourself!!

Smooches & Pooches

Right around Valentine's Day each year, Secondhand Mutts partners up with another animal rescue to host its annual bowling event: Smooches and Pooches held at Madison Square Lanes. This year, \ Secondhand Mutts has partnered with The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. Sanctuary shares a very special place in my heart because one of the Sanctuary Volunteers (a wonderful woman named Elaine) was Clair's foster mom before we got her!!

If you enjoy bowling, and/or pooches, you can be a part of this wonderful event on Friday, February 15th, 2013, by putting together a team of 4 to 6 people to bowl your heart out! Admission/Donation per person is $20 and that includes bowling, shoes, pizza, sweet treats and a very fun time! Of course, there will be adoptable dogs on site, all of whom will be very willing to give you smooches!!!

The doors open at 6:30 PM, the first game is at 7 PM, there wil be an intermission at 9 PM and the next game starts at 9:30 PM.

Registration is required in advance...a limited number of lanes will be available until they are sold out - first come, first serve. Note that this is a child-friendly event, so bring your kids if you like!!


You may also request a registration form via email by contacting Secondhand Mutts at You may then fax your completed registration form to 216-373-4902.

Madison Square Lanes is located in Lakewood just west of Warren Road where Westwood/Hilliard and Madison intersect. Parking is available in the bowling alley lot off Hilliard, the lot off Madison and the church lot off Rosewood Avenue one street west of Westwood. Madison Square Lanes is CASH ONLY for the bar and snack bar. An ATM is on site.

I have been to this event for the past three years and I can attest that it is a BLAST!!!!

Spread the love...please share!

Exploring Cleveland: The Museum of Art

When did you last visit the Cleveland Museum of Art? If your answer is "summer of 2012" or earlier, you need to change this right away!!! A lot has changed over the past six months at the Museum-- the new atrium opened, there's a new cafe and a new restaurant, new art (of course), and most impressive of all, in late December, the Museum began to offer previews of their brand new Gallery One to its members!

N and I visited over Christmas break and had an absolute blast! As members of the Museum, we had the opportunity to preview the Museum's newest offering- Gallery One, which officially opens to the public today.

Gallery One is an interactive experience, with the Museum's entire collection available on an interactive touch-screen wall. You put your museum issued iPad (available for rental) or your own iPad on the dock, and pick your favorite pieces, and the artlens app (available for download on iTunes, but be warned, it takes a while to load that much info) will tell you interesting facts about those pieces. In the future, the app will actually direct you to where your favorite pieces are located around the museum, so you could do a very targeted visit to the museum if you choose!

The artlens app has other incredible uses as well: if you hold it up to a piece of art that is artlens activated, it will point you to things you should be looking at in the piece of art. For example, N and I were looking at a painting of a ship, and the artlens app directed us to the sails, and told us about the importance of the sail as a focal point in the picture. Very very cool, especially for someone who habitually fell asleep in Art History in college (ahem!).

The Gallery One section also has some fun features for kids- they can create their own artwork and build their very own gallery!

It was also my very first time seeing the new atrium-- wow, it is really impressive! It reminds me a little of the atrium at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, but bigger. 

It was really nice to see people milling around the atrium, just enjoying the space.

N and I also checked out the new Provenance Cafe, where I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to find they served....

The new restaurant Provenance has a really yummy looking menu, and although N and I didn't eat there, we both really liked the space. Its a safe bet that we're likely to enjoy dinner there some time in the very near future!

No visit to the museum would be complete with pictures of some of the art, and here are some of my favorite pieces: 

I want this chandelier in my house. 

Don't worry, I didn't miss the opportunity to bring a piece of the museum home with me:

my new Roy Lichtenstein calendar, which hangs in my cube at work

Like I said at the top of this post- if you haven't been to the Art Museum in the past few months, I hope you make the trip out to University Circle soon. Additionally, if you're not aware of this, in the past year, the Museum of Art launched a new affiliate program called Column & Stripe- In addition to behind-the-scenes looks at the Museum, they also host monthly social gatherings at the museum.

And finally, for those of you seeking to boost your civic involvement, Column & Stripe is seeking volunteers for positions in its various committees, so if that's something you're interested in, I urge you to visit the Column & Stripe website and contact Christina for more information on how you might go about applying for these positions!