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Solving a Mystery

Its been about six weeks since we brought Webster home, and here's what we know about him:
1. He LOVES Clair. She is his favorite
2. He LOVES tennis balls. LOVES LOVE LOVES them
3. He's obsessed with smart toys (the dog toys that are rabbits in a hat, turtles in the mama turtle's shell, etc.)
4. He LOVES doggie daycare at The Mutt Hutt
5. He is SUPER snuggly when he's sleepy

But until last Friday, we had one unsolved mystery: WHAT was he mixed with?! We knew he had a lot of boxer--- he boxes. A lot. And he has a lot of other boxer traits, but his nose isn't all smushy like Clair's. We had a few guesses-- German Shepher, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Lab… but there was only one way to be sure…. a doggie DNA test was necessary. So, I did some research and ordered the most popular doggie DNA test, the Wisdom Panel.

For $84.99, they mail you a DNA kit. You swab the inside of your dog's mouth with two different swabs, and you have to be careful to not touch it to any other surfaces. The package itself has holders to help. You let the swabs dry for a couple of minutes, and in the mean time, register your DNA kit. When you're done, you put the swabs in the pre-paid package, and stick it in the mail. Really easy directions, you really can't mess it up. 

Wisdom Panel will then email you when they receive your package. They tell you the complete test will take 2-3 weeks, but in our case, it took just about one. 

And this past Friday, we finally solved our mystery. Our silly puppy is mostly boxer as we suspected, but the second most identifiable DNA is that of Australian Cattle Dog! Definitely explains why he's so active, and why he loves all those smart toys. 

Now, we just have to figure out how big he he's going to get! 

P.S. I post regular pictures of him and Clair on Instagram, so if you would like to see more, follow me there

Since I Last Saw You

... I've had a mixed weekend. Some really fun stuff, some relaxation, all good!

Friday, N and I made our way over to the Goodtime III for the Third Annual Roar Along The Shore. We've gone each year since its inception, and each year, it just gets bigger and bigger! The line up of bands was absolutely the best so far, and everyone seemed to be having a really fun time; a testament to Danielle's abilities as a kick-ass party planner!!

Saturday was really low key: Otto had surgery to remove a small tumor on his back. While he's going to be just fine, I was feeling exceptionally maternal so besides a morning walk with Clair, we stayed home and mostly cuddled the pups.

My favorite spot at Edgewater Park! 

Sunday, believe it or not, I did not partake in anything Cleveland Browns. And I can't say I was unhappy about it because I used the time to get ready for this week. 

This evening, Nick and I made the impromptu decision to take Otto and Clair to Puppypalooza. The Cleveland Indians started this summertime tradition a few years ago, and I absolutely LUUUURRVVEEE this event! It raises money for a great cause, and really, what can be better than catching a baseball game with your best friend right by your side?! It was like a mini boxer-party tonight; there were seriously boxers EVERYWHERE! Clair is probably going to end up on local TV because she walked right up to a camera man and stuck her muzzle RIGHT into this camera! 

A great start to the week so far, and its only going to get better!!

A lovely first weekend back

So I got back from India last Saturday with a nasty, nasty cold. That combined with jet-lag, and I wasn't in the mood for much last week. Of course, I HAD to make up for it this weekend, and what a great weekend it was!

Friday evening, N and I joined Sarabot, AJP, JV, Lara, Jon, and Alex to celebrate Sarabot's birthday with the Indians game and the return of Thome!! Now I wasn't here in '95, so the significance was lost on me, but it was was great time either way!

JV and Sarabot

N and I 

I love this pic!! 

The Tribe won, and N and I ended the night with some wine and late evening munchies at Greenhouse Tavern. Incidentally, the very last item on Greenhouse's dinner menu is something called Kitchen Coffee, where you essentially buy the kitchen a round of after-service canned beer-- a great little way to directly thank the kitchen staff that cook up with the deliciousness that is Greenhouse!!

Saturday morning started with an early morning spin class, a haircut, and then HOURS of yard work. I really hate yard work, especially weeding. BLECH! A short nap and long walk with the dogs followed, and then N and I scooted over to Luxe to enjoy the gorgeous weather while getting some dinner. It was an absolutely beautiful evening, although for some reason, there were an exceptional number of 15-50's in attendance that evening. Must have been the weather... Anyway, we had plans to meet friends at Market Garden later, but oops! we fell asleep on the couch cuddling the pups!!!

Sunday, clefoodgoddess and I took the furries for a nice long walk in the Metroparks. We explored a part of the Rocky River Reservation that neither of us had visited before, and had a great time with the pups, until I was violently assaulted by a bunch of mosquitoes. Seriously, they bit my EYELIDS!! And of course, I'm super sensitive to mosquito bites and ended up with giant swollen eyelids, and huge welts on my face and my arms, and even my back!! Stupid bugs bit me through my clothing!!! THIS IS WHY I DON'T CAMP, PEOPLE!! That and the whole lack of electricity and running water. I'm a city girl through and through. We followed up our walk with a lovely little dog-friendly brunch at the Wine Bar in Rocky River. If you haven't tried this spot for brunch yet, I highly recommend it. The food is very good, and very reasonably priced, and best of all, your well-behaved, leashed dog is welcome to join you on the patio!! The rest of the day was pretty low key, and then before I knew it, it was all over!!

Lucky for me, I have a 4 day week followed by a 4-day weekend!! And even though this means summer is ending, I think I'm really ready for fall!!

Art and Puppies: The Crocker Bark Festival

This weekend, I will be out at Crocker Park, supporting a cause very near to my heart: shelter dog adoption! Specifically, N and I will be chaperoning a pup each for Secondhand Mutts at the Crocker Bark Rescue and Adoption Event!

This is quite the unique event, pairing Art and Dog Rescue, and will feature over 130 artists and over 10 animal rescues!! The Art will feature jewelry, ceramics, photography, painting, leather and more, and the rescues will include G.R.I.N, Love a Stray, Fido's Companion, Rowdy to the Rescue, North Coast Greyhound Connection, Wiggle Butts Bully Rescue, Erie Shores, Cleveland APL, Friendship APL and of course, Secondhand Mutts!!!

The Secondhand Mutts booth will be located right in front of the Apple Store/DSW, so you always say hello to some pups, maybe even fall in LLLUUURRRVVEEE with one of them, buy some shoes, maybe an iPad... you know....  Anyway, the event runs from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday; N and I will be chaperoning our pups from 10:00am- noon on Saturday!! Hope to see you there!!

Valentine's Day

Are you pro- or anti- Valentine's day? I used to be indifferent, but this year, I'm SUPER pro, but its not for the reason you might think.

Its this little girl's first birthday!!! This year I'm thinking of stopping by Grateful Dog Bakery to get both her and Otto some celebratory treats!

Besides the pups, of course N gets a present too, although I have to confess, I've taken the lazy route for the past few years and I just keep renewing his subscription to ESPN magazine and ESPN insider. Its the prefect, fool-proof gift for the sportsfan in your life!!