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Spin for Strays III and More Secondhand Mutts Events

On April 27th, psycle played host to the Third Annual Spin for Strays to benefit Secondhand Mutts! This was, by far, the most successful Spin for Strays yet-- we sweated, we had fun, and we raised over $1,000 to benefit the pups!! None of this could have been possible without the support of dynamic duo Jenn and Scott of pscyle, and all the hardworking, generous and supportive psyclists who rode that day!

After 60 minutes of sweat, we were joined for cuddles by Secondhand Mutts Splotch and Muddy while the humans enjoyed some well-earned adult beverages.

Brooke (teaches Wednesday and Saturday), Kyle, and Alana

So sweaty! Alana, Colleen and Jenn C (teaches Sunday)

Back: Brooke, Kyle, Jenn, Jenn C, Scott
Front: Splotch, Muddy, Alana & Colleen

Best news of all, both pups, Splotch and Muddy have subsequently been adopted!!

Meghan getting kisses from Muddy

A very excited Splotch

If you're bummed that you missed this great event, there's no need to worry!

On Wednesday June 12th, Around the Corner in Lakewood plays host to yet another fun Secondhand Mutts event. This event is targeted at dog loving singles, and even though there will be no dogs at this event, it may be the perfect opportunity to make a new, non-furry friend. The event runs from 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm, and tickets are $20 in advance ($25 at the door). Each ticket gets you light appetizers, beer, and the opportunity to mingle with other singles in a very low pressure, easy going atmosphere. We will have some conversation starters if you get tongue tied, and of course, you can always just ask the person you fancy about their dog! Advance tickets are available right here. While I will not be participating as a single (duh) in the event, I will be there helping coordinate, so I hope to see you there!!!


30-Something Men

On Friday night, N and I ended up at XYZ for dinner. This is not particularly remarkable in itself, except that I happened to be sitting by a group of three 30-something single men. Now, I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but it was really loud at XYZ, and these men were practically yelling in my ear, so it was hard not to hear what they said. Essentially, Guy A had recently been on a date with a woman, and they group was discussing the date. While the woman was hot, and had similar interests with Guy A, he was not planning on going out with her again, because there was something "off" about her.

As I recalled my college days of hanging out with early 20-something guys, something struck me- the early 20-something year old is really not deterred by something being "off", so long as the woman is hot. The 30-something man, on the other hand, appears to be more concerned with the woman's position on the Hot/Crazy scale. This leads to the natural conclusion, that unless you're Gisele, women should really leave their crazy at home, at least for the first few dates. The question is though, is that perfectly acceptable protocol, or is it false advertising, like padded bras?

Please discuss...