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Happy Labor Day Weekend

HAPPY FRIDAY!! And HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND!! I am SO looking forward to this 3-day weekend, and although it marks the end of summer fun, I'm not too sad because there's tons of pre-fall and fall fun to be had in the weeks up ahead!!

That said, I am starting off my weekend with a dose of "Om".

Starting at 7 pm, The Rock Hall plays host to a Cleveland celebration in the form of a yoga party. The party is the brain-child of my favorite west side yoga studio Inner Bliss and Eton-Chagrin lululemon store. Best of all, the event is FREE! Additional details on the event are available here

Tonight the Rock Hall is going to be a sea of spandex and luon, and I for one, can't wait!!! 

Things I LURVE: beats

So one of my last posts before I went on hiatus talked about how I wanted these Frends headphones. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to opening my mail from vacation, and happened to stumble upon a United Mileage Plus catalog that happened to feature Beats by Dre. Coincidentally, I had happened to test them out at Target just a few days prior. I mean, if that's not the universe speaking, I don't know what is....

Not one to turn down a sign that obvious, I ordered them. A week later, these beauties arrived at my doorstep.

You might notice I went with purple instead of white--- very simple reason: makeup. I absolutely LUUUURVE these headphones! They are everything they are hyped to be, and on the occasions I have to go back to my earbuds (workouts), I'm actually a little bummed. The new line by Beats has these in neon colors (also available at Target) and they are really really cute. Best of all, if you use miles  through your airline's mileage program (assuming they offer these), THEY ARE FREE (essentially)!!! And really, who doesn't love free?!

Swap it out!

A couple of weeks ago, my fabulous friend Sara invited me to a clothing swap with some of our mutual friends. The premise was this: we were each to bring gently used items of clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc (stuff you could wear in the spring/summer) that we were no longer wearing for whatever reason, and then we would swap clothes with each other. Whatever remained would then be donated to a local women's shelter.

While I eagerly accepted the invite, I was skeptical about what I had to contribute: turns out I had quite a bit of stuff!! Blazers, handbags, shoes that were a size too big that I never wore and never returned, jeans, jewelry... the list went on and on. I hauled my stuff over to Sara's, where she had some incredible lavender lemonade, yummy munchies, and of course wine. After some socializing and catching up, the swap began.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had SO much fun shopping: it was great company, and I found some really really fun pieces: a pair of boyfriend jeans, a silk top, a bright orange top, a few belts, a really fun turquoise blue chain link necklace, and a couple of skirts! Over the past two weeks, I've managed to wear everything except one of the skirts: and the best part about it? All that shopping cost me ZERO DOLLARS!!!!

If you have fabulously stylish friends, or friends whose style you admire, I highly recommend you organize a swap party. It was so fun to shop someone else's closet: I ended up with new stuff (new to me anyway) that I may not have picked out myself, and even if I wear it only this season, it doesn't matter, because it was FREE!!! So thanks so much for inviting me, Sara, and I can't wait to do it again for fall/winter!!!!!

The Kickdrums

So, this week I re-discovered some great music--- The Kickdrums! I say "re-discovered" because I've known about them for a long time (N has been friends with Matt since they were little) but I had kinda forgotten about them over the past year or so...

And then, thanks to facebook, I was reminded of how much I love them with these awesome mixes they created for Coachella!

Reasons I luuurve these guys:
1. They're from CLEVELAND!! (see the feature on them in Scene magazine here)
2. You know how when you're listening to an album, you start to skip through the songs because after a while the style and sound gets monotonus? There is NO danger of that happening with The Kickdrums! Every song is different!
3. The Indio Sessions for Coachella (link above) is FREE!!!
4. Their album Just a Game (available on iTunes) features their very own music; its such a great combination of sounds, that I can't even describe it.

So, if you're in the mood for something different, you should give them a listen!

If I was a Rich Girl (na na na na na na na)

In the ideal version of my life (where money is irrelevant) I would be a yoga instructor. This may lead you to believe I'm a regular yogini, but sadly, this is not the case. Until last summer, I was really good about going to Studio 11 a couple of times per week to get some yoga in. Then the Great Fire of 2009 burned my yoga mat into a sticky mess, we were busy getting reorganized, N left for his semester in Florence, and the excuses continue.

Anyway, right around New Year's Eve, I discovered, the online yoga classes (and podcast, which come with pose guides). I really like the concept of a 20-minute yoga session (particularly since Dr. Oz says it's really good for you). So, as one is wont to do around New Year's, I made a two-part resolution:

(a) STOP hitting snooze every morning and
(b) Use the extra time every morning to fit in a 20 minute yoga routine

3 guesses at what's happened since then... I NEVER got around to doing (a), so (b) hasn't really happened either! Shame on me!! Still, its only April, and I have time to redeem myself. So, I've some up with a "Tax Time" resolution; from now until May 15th, I'm going to do yoga 4 times a week. And you're going to hold me accountable. As added incentive, should I complete this challenge successfully, I will reward myself with a super cute yoga outfit.

So I'm curious... what would you do if money were no object?

PS I got the Gwen Stefani Rich Girl stuck in your head, didn't I? ; )

(Nike+ sportband update: Otto and I went to Edgewater Park today, and supposedly we walked 2.1 miles. I have to figure out if that was right. I have a feeling that my sportband is overstating my speed, and therefore my mileage)