Tiffany & Co. at Work

While I work in a generally conservative field, I am lucky enough that my dress code is business casual on days that I'm not visiting clients. For me, business casual takes a few different forms: a dress + cardi/blazer, a skirt + knit top/blouse, or my new favorite, skinny pants + blouse/cardi. Between the J.Crew Minnie and the Gap Ultra Skinny, I have amassed quite the collection of black skinnies. 

When I'm looking to make my work wardrobe more "fun" I usually turn to the big 3: shoes, bags, jewelry. I think of them as a way to inject some personality into what might be an otherwise boring look. 

Gap Ultra Skinny Pants, Gap black tank, polka dot sweater from Marshalls, red Nine West peep-toes from years ago, but similar to these.

On days like this one, where my outfit may be veering a little toward casual, I like to dress things up with more sophisticated jewelry: diamonds or pearls are guaranteed to glamorize any outfit!!

Here I'm wearing the Tiffany Atlas Open Pendant with diamonds (note that this piece is bigger than the one I have linked to) and Atlas hoop earrings (note that the earrings I'm wearing are smaller than those in the link)

Here's a closer look at those earrings.... oooooh SHINY!!! 

While diamonds may not be realistic for every budget, I firmly believe that it is important to invest in a few classic, quality pieces. You can never go wrong with a pair of elegant pearl studs or a simple, understated necklace! What are your go-to pieces when you're trying to make an outfit more elegant or glamorous?

Disclosure: Tiffany & Co. lent me a number of pieces from their 2013 Atlas Collection and asked me to blog about how I would incorporate these pieces in my daily wardrobe. I have received no other compensation other than the ability to wear these pieces for the allocated time period. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.