Solving a Mystery

Its been about six weeks since we brought Webster home, and here's what we know about him:
1. He LOVES Clair. She is his favorite
2. He LOVES tennis balls. LOVES LOVE LOVES them
3. He's obsessed with smart toys (the dog toys that are rabbits in a hat, turtles in the mama turtle's shell, etc.)
4. He LOVES doggie daycare at The Mutt Hutt
5. He is SUPER snuggly when he's sleepy

But until last Friday, we had one unsolved mystery: WHAT was he mixed with?! We knew he had a lot of boxer--- he boxes. A lot. And he has a lot of other boxer traits, but his nose isn't all smushy like Clair's. We had a few guesses-- German Shepher, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Lab… but there was only one way to be sure…. a doggie DNA test was necessary. So, I did some research and ordered the most popular doggie DNA test, the Wisdom Panel.

For $84.99, they mail you a DNA kit. You swab the inside of your dog's mouth with two different swabs, and you have to be careful to not touch it to any other surfaces. The package itself has holders to help. You let the swabs dry for a couple of minutes, and in the mean time, register your DNA kit. When you're done, you put the swabs in the pre-paid package, and stick it in the mail. Really easy directions, you really can't mess it up. 

Wisdom Panel will then email you when they receive your package. They tell you the complete test will take 2-3 weeks, but in our case, it took just about one. 

And this past Friday, we finally solved our mystery. Our silly puppy is mostly boxer as we suspected, but the second most identifiable DNA is that of Australian Cattle Dog! Definitely explains why he's so active, and why he loves all those smart toys. 

Now, we just have to figure out how big he he's going to get! 

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Welcome Webster Slaughter

This past Saturday was exactly two weeks since we said goodbye to our beloved Otto-- Nick and I miss him terribly, and honestly, our house has been unnervingly quiet with just Clair. I didn't realize just how loud Otto was with his breathing and grunting and snoring LOL. In any case, over the past two weeks, Nick and I had been trolling Petfinder for male boxer pups to rescue. We weren't in a hurry, but were certainly open to the right pup.

And then on Friday afternoon (right after lunch with my friend Lisa, who gave me a beautiful good luck charm), I got this text "There is a boxer puppy available in Eastlake. His name is Otto".

I don't know if you know this about me, but for someone who is typically very logical, I can be incredibly superstitious at times. If there ever was a sign from the universe, SURELY this was it.

At 11:50 am on Saturday, March 28th, we were first in line to see Otto at The Animal Rescue Center. We walked in, signed up, showed our ID, and were immediately led in the puppy-meeting area with Otto. Anyway, Otto was a wild man. He was running from Nick to me and back, trying to climb us, nipping us with his razor sharp puppy teeth (as puppies do)-- one look at Nick and I knew Otto was not coming home with us. I asked the volunteers to bring in another puppy-- Ozzy had caught my eye. Otto and Ozzy wrestled for a while, and we noticed that Ozzy was definitely much bigger than Otto. We asked to spend some alone-time with Ozzy and he immediately jumped into Nick's arms and started giving him kisses. And I knew that Ozzy would be coming home with us.  By 12:35 pm, we had filled out our application, paid our adoption fee, and were on our way home. We renamed him Webster Slaughter Faehnle, and the rest, is history….

Here's what we know about Webster: He's estimated to be 12 weeks old, and he and his siblings were rescued from a pound in Athens, Ohio. He's definitely part boxer, but we have no idea what the other half of him is. He is as sweet as can be, and is ridiculously smart. He has HUGE paws, so we're guessing he's going to grow up to be a pretty big dog! Clair is an amazing big sister-- she's incredibly patient with him, and plays with him all the time.

We still miss Otto, and there will never be another dog like him, but we are back to being a family of four, and starting on a whole new adventure.

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Board Meetings Are Fun

What do you do in your spare time? Do you workout? Do you read? Do you volunteer? As much as I enjoy going out and having a great time, some of my most personally fulfilling moments come from the time I volunteer to Secondhand Mutts. My favorite volunteer activity is chaperoning the dogs at various events. I absolutely LUUURRVE dogs, so any one-on-one time that I can spend with them is certainly time well spent!! And in addition to volunteering, I'm also a Board Member for Secondhand Mutts.

Last night, we had our Board Meeting, and unlike most meetings, this week, our Board was joined by five, 6-week old puppies. And then this happened...

If you're looking for volunteer opportunities at Secondhand Mutts, you can find more information here. If dogs are not your thing, there are literally hundreds of non-profits across Northeastern Ohio that could use your time. Just find an organization that interests you and contact them!!! You will help support a cause that means something to you, have an opportunity to meet some amazing people, and might even have an opportunity to take on a leadership role!! Give it a shot... you might surprise yourself!!

Pancakes for Pooches: The 4th Annual Pancake Barkfeast

So, if you've been following this blog for some time, then you know that from time to time, I use this as a platform to promote an organization that means a great deal to me: Secondhand Mutts. Secondhand Mutts has been around since 2006, and over the years has done many many wonderful things for neglected and ignored dogs, saving them from death row and finding them new homes. In 2012, Secondhand Mutts rescued 115 dogs, and by the end of the year, had placed 105, including two dogs that were heartworm positive- Sookie and Rollo

Sookie (look at that underbite!!!! SO CUTE!)

Rollo-- look how happy he is to be safe!!

Left untreated, heartworm is extremely dangerous and can kill dogs. If your dog is heartworm positive, the cost to treat your dog can range from between $500-$700.  In contrast, it costs $7-$10 to give your dog their monthly preventative medication. Secondhand Mutts takes in 2-4 heartworm positive dogs into their program each year, and must rely on having a committed foster home to let the dogs recover in a calm, peaceful environment. The dog must stay inactive for up to a month, and may have to have a second treatment after that! I don't know about you, but there's no way that my dogs could be inactive for that long, so I'm religious about giving them their heartworm preventative year-round (I don't take winters off even though there are no mosquitos. With the abnormally warm/uneven winters we've had, its just not worth the risk).

So, given the cost to treat heartworm positive dogs in their program, Secondhand Mutts hosts an annual pancake breakfast to not only treat heartworm positive dogs, but also raise awareness of heartworm and its prevention.

This year's event is at Pilgrim Church in Tremont on Saturday, Feb 2, 2013. $12 buys you buttermilk/chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, bacon, coffee and orange juice. There is also a vegetarian sausage option for those who are interested.

I hope you will consider attending and supporting this worthy cause. Please RSVP on Facebook so Secondhand Mutts can properly anticipate attendance and food buying. I will certainly be there on Saturday, and hope to see you there too!! XO

We sweated like dogs... or is it pigs?

I'm going to take a little moment and just state, for the record, that I'm so incredibly thankful and appreciative for all my social media friends that have become friends IRL over the past two years! Of course we have a great time hanging out together, but it makes me feel all fuzzy when they come out to support things that mean as much to me as animal rescue, and boy did they come out to support Secondhand Mutts this past Friday. The best part was that not only was it my social media friends, but also my spin friends who made it an incredible evening, and helped  raise funds for some very worthy puppies. If you don't believe me, here's the proof!

Where all the fun happens. A HUGE thank you and so much love to Jenn and Scott at psycle for generously hosting the event and for supporting Secondhand Mutts! 

Some of our Secondhand Mutts- Chester and Debo

The puff stuff! Cocoa Puff lounging and enjoying the attention

Kimi got kissed!! By Roscoe!

The social media corner: 
Top picture Back row L-R: Tabitha, Kimi, Heather
Front row L- R: Alana, Suzanne
Lower picture: Jenn (in the bandana) and I (on the far right) joined in

Psyclists, pre-sweat

And then, things got sweaty...

Jenn makes it look so easy... As she always says "I didn't say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it." And. it was...

I want to thank everyone who attended-- thank you so much for driving out and giving up your friday happy hour plans to come ride for the pups!! I hope you had a great time, and I look forward to seeing you again next year!!! 

P.S. If you missed out on this great event, come join SecondhandMutts at Tremont TapHouse on Tuesday, June 12th for yappy hour. This is a dog-friendly event, so leashed dogs are welcome!! I will be there with Otto and Clair!!