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Here Comes The Sun: Solstice 2016

This past weekend, one of my favorite Cleveland institutions, the Cleveland Museum of Art, celebrated its 100th Birthday as well as the start of summer with its annual Summer Solstice Party, which also happens to be my favorite summer party. Now you may be thinking "Shibani, why didn't you tell me about this before?" and frankly, the reason is that this year, the tickets sold out in under 24 hours, so if you are not a member of the Museum, you stood zero chance of securing tickets. The moral of the story is become a member of the Museum so you can try and get Solstice tickets, but also so you can enjoy its monthly MIX parties. But I digress. 

This year's Solstice was outstanding - great music, lots of performance art, minimal lines for drinks - a celebrating fitting 100 years of history. One of my favorite parts of the evening was when the museum celebrated its history by projecting photos from its early days onto the marble exterior-- pictures from the 20s of women in pastel dresses, and their early catalog system which featured hand drawings of the pieces. Seriously, I can't even imagine how they did this with such little technology!

Nick and I attended with our friends Dave and Jessi, as we do almost every year. Instead of going shopping for an outfit, this year, I shopped my own closet, choosing instead to splurge on hair and makeup. I wore a J. Crew dress that I bought a couple of years ago, NAOT flats, and my very own Bombay Taxi earrings, which will be debuted at my next pop-up shop. My makeup was done at Sephora (Thank you VIB Rouge!!!) and my very rare undo was courtesy Carolina at Tease. Easy and breezy, and perfect for a very hot day! 


Jessi, Nick and me, photo by Dave!

Jessi, Nick and me, photo by Dave!

Art projected on the marble exterior, picture by  Sean

Art projected on the marble exterior, picture by Sean

Our complete outfits: This was the first time Nick wore shorts to a non-sporting, non-beach event-- I'm calling it the Shuxedo. 

Our complete outfits: This was the first time Nick wore shorts to a non-sporting, non-beach event-- I'm calling it the Shuxedo. 

The reason this is my favorite summer party is that it really gets me in the summer mindset! I'm ready for a season of leisurely weekend days at the beach, day drinking, rose, barbecues, and of course, more summer parties! 

CLE Shops: Whiskey Grade

This past Friday, Nick and I attended the opening of Ohio City's newest retail offering, Whiskey Grade.  Located at 2515 Jay Ave (very close to the intersection of Jay and W25th), Whisky Grade is one of the most unique stores I've been to lately! Part biker-store, part vintage treasure hunt, this store has plenty for men and women, whether they're into motorcycles or not.

The store has an incredible industrial feel-- matte black paint, chandeliers of varying styles and sizes, and incredibly interesting design details. From the amazing skylight to the real motorcycles that are hoisted up on some pretty high shelves, to the unusual display of children's toys, to the changing room that's actually an old safe, the interiors are absolutely delightful. Masculine with a kick of feminine sass. 

As I mentioned before, the store's primary focus is people who ride motorcycles, so there's an extensive offering of armored leather jackets that will literally save your life. Also in the life-saving category, an array of very cool helmets. On the fashion side, there's a selection of t-shirts, dress-shirts and denim (jeans and jackets) for men.

But if you were to think that ladies had been neglected at this store, you would be wrong. In addition to some to-die-for leather jackets (I seriously cannot stop thinking about them), there is selection of very well priced and well curated vintage apparel and accessories.

I picked up two dresses (one of which I will wear to Solstice), a clutch, and a beaded jacket for a total of $105 (tax included!). Seriously, you cannot beat the amazing deals, and there are only maybe 1-2 of each item, so its not like you're likely to run into someone wearing the same outfit!

I am so excited about this newest addition to Cleveland's retail scene-- I know I will be visiting them frequently. For more pictures, check out Whiskey Grade on Facebook and definitely stop in the store!

G-Star: Now in CLE!!!

A couple of weeks ago, N and I were invited to the official launch of the VERY FIRST G-Star Q-Store concept in one of our very own FABULOUS, locally owned boutiques: Brigade. If you're familiar with Brigade, then you know that they've carried pieces from the G-Star line for many years now, but the Q-Store is something very different, and quite the unique opportunity for us CLE shoppers: its a dedicated store within a store, dedicated solely to G-Star, with fresh merchandise rolling in EVERY.DAY!!!!

 Now, I hadn't been to Brigade since its recent move to Beachwood Place, and WOW! I was not at all prepared for the new look- its ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!

Mingling... did I mention it was packed??? Needless to say, I didn't get any real shopping in, but don't worry, I'll be back very very soon!


OMG I LUUUUURRRVVVEEEE J Brand Jeans. Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love. Have I mentioned I love them?

Fun shoe wall

And finally, the whole reason we were there: G Star!!!!

Even the check-out space is beautiful. Makes you feel better about handing over that credit card. I'm seriously in love with this light fixture...if only our house had high ceilings!!!!

So there you have it: another coup for our very own local entrepreneurs and CLE shoppers!!! I hope you will go check out Brigade and the G-Star Q-Store very very soon!!

Inspired by.... Adam Lambert

I had so much fun doing my Inspired by... yesterday, I decided to do another one, this time for men! The look today is Adam Lambert:

The beauty of doing this for men, is that almost every guy has the basics: a pair of dark bootcut jeans and a graphic tee (if you EVEN picked Ed Hardy or Affliction, you should know that I just died a little inside.) For the jacket, here are my inspired pieces:

Faux leather jacket $148, guess

G-Star Raw "Work Dean" jacket on sale $107 at nordstrom
Mooskie Sunglasses, $14 Tilly's

To the men that read my blog: I know that shopping for casual clothing is a challenge, and you mostly hate doing it, but I hope this helps!!!