A Morning at the Western Reserve Historical Society

By the magic of twitter, this past weekend, Lisa and I found ourselves on a tour of The Western Reserve Historical Society(WRHS)! I am ashamed to admit that in almost 10 years of living in Cleveland, this was my first visit. I CANNOT BELIEVE ALL THE AWESOMENESS I HAVE BEEN MISSING!!

From the minute we walked in, my head was literally spinning trying to catch a glimpse of everything on display!

In the lobby of WRHS; GO TRIBE!!! 

Back in the days before I discovered the joys of jewelry, I used to LUUURVE cars. In fact, I was a little bit of a tomboy (shocking, I know!). WRHS has quite the extensive collection of vintage automobiles, and honestly, I wanted to climb inside very one!

Vintage cars are so much bigger than cars today, and yet they seem to be able to fit fewer people! Regardless, the details are breathtaking, and I almost wish that cars were designed with the same attention to detail and less plastic today! 

On the other end of the spectrum, WRHS also has an incredible collection of vintage dollhouses, and miniature displays that give you a sense of what it was like to live in the 1700s and 1800s! 

Can you imagine wearing white wigs and bonnets?

Of course the gardens are beautiful and a perfect location for a wedding, but if you decide to take your kids (or nieces or nephews), there's plenty for them to do too! There's an entire section called the KidZibits Family Education Center that allows kids to dress up and play with all sorts of toys. Even I got into the act, stirring up some fun!!

Lisa and I were primarily there to visit the Dior and More exhibit, and it certainly lived up to my expectations. WRHS has an extensive collection of designed apparel, originally worn by the high society women of Northeast Ohio, and this exhibit only scratches the surface of WRHS' entire collection.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to play dress up in WRHS' archives!! Look at all these fabulous outfits that represent so many decades!! My favorite looks came from the 20s and 60s. 

Did you know that the WRHS actually has two historical homes on its property? 

The Bingham Hanna house above has beautifully ornate ceilings and a MASSIVE fireplace (look at how little Lisa is compared to it!) 

The Hay-McKinney House below has beautifully ornate living rooms, dining rooms and a fully stocked kitchen! It totally reminded me of Downton Abbey! I could totally picture the Dowager Countess having afternoon tea with Cora while Mrs. Patmore and Daisy whip up some goodies down in the kitchen!

Did you also know that you can rent out all of the spaces shown in the two pictures above! I would LURVE to be invited to a fabulous cocktail party or dinner!!

So, if all of this WRHS talk has you wanting to visit, there are two FABULOUS fashion events that should consider attending. On October 4th and 5th, WRHS plays host to Dr. Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Her talk on October 4th, titled Fetish: Fashion, Sex & Power explores how choices about fashion relate to sex and power. The talk will be followed by cocktails. I will be attending this event, and I absolutely CANNOT wait!! Tickets for this event are available here

On October 5th, Valerie will be changing gears a little to discuss Chanel and Her Rivals. While I am sadly missing this event, tickets are available here.

What an incredible event, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at such a gem of a location!! I cannot wait to go back!!!

Disclosure: I was offered 1 ticket to October 4th event in exchange for helping spread the word about these fabulous events. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Seriously, you MUST go visit the Western Reserve Historical Society! I regret all the exhibits I've missed in my 9+ years of ignorance!!! 

An Hour In... Ohio City

This past weekend, N and I had an our to kill, and so we decided to spend it in a part of Ohio City that I really haven't taken the time to explore yet. If you haven't checked it out yet, West 29th between Church and Detroit is an absolutely charming little party of Ohio City. 

Our first stop was Urban Orchid, a delightful floral boutique. To be honest, this is not the first time I've been here, but what I love most about this boutique is that you can give them a budget and an occasion, and they will create an absolutely stunning one-of-a-kind boutique that is GUARANTEED to put a smile on the recipient's face! AND, I always learn something new there, like...

Ornamental Kale-- I didn't know that was a thing!

Beautiful pink roses!

In addition to flowers, they also carry small gift items like vases and jewelry, and of course, adorable Cleveland themed merchandise!

We then walked around the corner to Rising Star Coffee Roasters, but not before I stopped to take a picture of this camper...

For someone who really doesn't care for camping, I am REALLY enamored with campers! I blame Charity.

2 Vietnamese iced coffee to go, please!!! 

I love this bench at Rising Star

A few steps across the streets, and we were at Cleveland Museum of Art's newest outpost, Transformer Station! Incidentally, Transformer Station is hosting Ohio City Stages every Wednesday in July, which is an awesome street fest with live performances! 

I absolutely LUUURVEE the industrial details in the space! There are usually 4 different exhibits each year, and like the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Transformer Station uses technology to help guide patrons through the exhibits (hint: take a mobile device with you!)

Another quick stop to check out the newest pet store: Kutya Rev.

Seriously, how adorable is this?!

I am also really excited that Harness Cycle will be opening at the corner later this year!! I can totally picture myself sweating it out and then heading over across the street to get some post-workout 

So, if you haven't explored this little part of Ohio City before, I strongly encourage you to do so! It is a really lovely way to spend a few hours! 

Solstice At Cleveland Museum of Art- The 2013 version

This past Saturday, The Cleveland Museum of Art played host to one of my two favorite annual parties- Solstice! If you haven't been to this event yet, I seriously do not know what you are waiting for. This year was by far my favorite solstice party yet. In part because the Atrium was open, but I have to say, the Museum REALLY made it a music and art festival this year. There were DJs in the Atrium and live bands outside, and AWESOME music in both places. I literally danced my feet off. Seriously. They still hurt.

I've done a few different things with this recap post over the years, but this year, I just decided to document every one of my friends that I saw at the event! This is a picture heavy post!!

My handsome date, N

The balloon people. At the end of the night, there were a few non-museum people in them. If you follow me on instagram, then you may have seen some of the shenanigans. 

Dave and Jess

Jess and I 
(I was wearing a dress from Alex & Alex, and my own turquoise beaded bag from India. My earrings were aquamarine and pearl, also from India)

Danny and Gina (note the AWESOME Gallery One wall projected on the walls behind them)

Sara and Anna 

N and I

Ladies in balloon dresses: So these balloons were blown up and then "sewn" into dresses. 

JP and Nadine

Kyle on the left, N. Colleen and Dan on the right. 



Kelly being assaulted by a balloon person. I think Sean was in it. 

Kelly and Lisa

Alex bustin' a move!

Allison and I

Overall, an EXCELLENT night! I danced, I laughed, and best of all, took lots of pictures to remember the night by! If I didn't see you at the event this year, I hope I have at least convinced you to attend next year! I do not say this lightly: it is absolutely THE BEST PARTY OF THE SUMMER!! 

Muse and MIX

This past Thursday, N & I joined Allison and Nadine to see MUSE perform at the Q. It was my first time seeing MUSE live, and I have say WOW!! I was completely blown away!! I've watched MUSE perform on various awards shows, and they've always been great, but nothing compared to a full concert.

Awesome vocals, incredible visuals, and an truly awesome light show--- seriously, MUSE set the bar for 2013 concerts very, VERY high...

Friday, Sara, N and I headed out to The Cleveland Museum of Art to attend its MIX event. If you haven't been to MIX event, you really should check them out. Each event is very different, but they're ALL a lot of fun. This month's event focussed on the Pompeii exhibit, and included live interactive performance art, which included use of the escalators!

While the actors paraded around with foam swords, we somehow ended up in a riveting discussion on most underrated actors...

Ahmed, Sara and N 

CK, Alexa, Sean, and Matt

As you can see, it was a VERY animated discussion, and some of our nominees included Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Ed Norton... while we debated the merits of our respective choices and energetically argued against others, we suddenly realized that it was past 10 pm, the Pompeii exhibit was closed, and we were being ushered out of the museum.

And so the night ended in our kitchen, with wine and Doritos, and squeals of laughter over goats.

Seriously, if you have not watched this video, you are missing out!!

Saturday was pretty low key-- psycle, nap time, puppy walks, and a late dinner at Tremont Tap House with Wes and Danielle.

Sunday was another low key day- brunch, laundry, more puppy walks and play time, and snuggles on the couch while we watched Argo (seriously, I was stressed out the ENTIRE time!! I can't imagine that the whole hostage crisis actually happened, and more so that it STILL happens across the world!!! SO CRAZY AND SCARY!!!)

And now its Monday... here we go again : )

Exploring the city: MOCA Cleveland

On Friday night, I finally made it to MOCA's new home with N, Danielle and Wes. I have to say, I'm very impressed with the space- the museum finally has a contemporary home, in keeping with its name!!

 The MOCA store; even the bathroom is cool

In general, I LURVE contemporary art museums, and most of all, I LUUURRRVVVEEEE contemporary art museum stores, and MOCA Cleveland's store is no exception. So if you're having a hard time finding a gift for that difficult-to-buy-for person in your life, I highly recommend visiting the museum store. N and I picked up and awesome set of candlesticks for our home, and I can't wait to get the right tapers for their inaugural use Christmas Day!!

Of course, we took some time to visit the art, here are pics of my two favorites!

Don't forget, a membership to MOCA is always a GREAT gift for the design enthusiast in your life too!!!