practical purchases

Product Testing: Dust It

Back when I made my trip to Chi-town, my dear friend T introduced to me to a fabulous dry shampoo: dust it. Now I've used dry shampoo in the past, but its mainly been in the form of the foam, which takes out the shine and greasiness, but doesn't even come close to dry shampoo. Not only does dust it mattify and take away shine, but it also gives you incredible volume and hold when you dust it onto your roots. I usually dust some onto my bangs so that they don't get greasy, and then also when I work out at lunch.

All this may seem really mundane, but I really do have a point here: I've been talking about the Summer Solstice Party lately (can you tell I'm really excited about it?). I really want to try a fun, dramatic hairstyle that I wouldn't normally do: I'm thinking bouffant, just like they had on the runways this Spring, and I'm planning to use dust it to get the volume I need. I'm thinking something like this:

 What do you think? Too much???

Prepping for rain

As it starts to get warmer, it starts to get wetter. Its inevitable. I hate walking the dogs in the rain; its squishy and I hate getting mud on my shoes. So, this year, in an effort to make walking in the rain more pleasant, I think I'm going to invest in a pair of these:

I've been eyeing these Hunter boots since the fall; they are functional, comfortable, and so incredibly CUTE!!!
What's your stay-dry strategy this Spring?

Preparing for Next Year (or the next 2 months)

If you've been to a department store or the mall lately, then you've noticed that in retail-world, its swimsuit season already. Here in Cleveland, and really, all over the northern US, we're still freezing our butts off. Needless to say, its a FANTASTIC time to buy coats!! Why? Because they're ridiculously on sale, like this J.Crew beauty that I ordered last week.

It was an extra 40% off the sale price when I bought it, so the grand total was a whopping 65% the original price!!!! If you're in the market for a new coat, I recommend taking a look at what's out there right now; all the major retailers are offering huge discounts, and there are some great great deals to be had. I will say, that you're probably "safer" picking out a classic style, or at the very least, something that you absolutely LURVE, and that you're likely to still love next year. In any case, you'll still get to use it until March, maybe even April!!!

Bowled Over

Last week, I stopped by Crate and Barrel to browse. While there I picked up a set of these:

I luuuuuurrrrvveee these bowls. I know, its more than a little odd to be this excited about kitchen stuff, but these bowls are really really great! I've used them every single day since I've owned them! They're the perfect size, and come in the super cute fun colors, that just so happen to perfectly complement my kitchen. LURVE!

What's your favorite kitchen item?


Scene: our home

N: What is that? Did you buy another purse?
Me: No, that's a purse organizer

(N opens container and pulls out 2 items)
N: No, that's definitely a purse. That's the size of your purse.
Me: No, that's not a purse. It goes IN the purse. See, it has no handles.

N: Is this something you saw on one of those "as seen on TV" things?


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