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February: aka Binge Season

We've just passed the halfway mark of February, and as February's go, this is a pretty mild one. That said, there are plenty of snowy evenings and weekends when you don't want to leave the house. One of my favorite questions to ask people these days is: so, what shows are you watching? And I've had some pretty great recommendations. So today I'm sharing four shows that I've been watching.

Chef's Table (Netflix): this is a six part documentary series where each episode focuses on one world renowned chef. 15 minutes into the first episode on Massimo Bottura, I was hooked…and hungry. The series is really beautifully shot, and the chefs are really interesting and their food looks absolutely amazing. 

Broadchurch (Netflix): Have I mentioned that I'm an Anglophile? No? Then this is probably a great time to tell you that I have a weakness for British and Irish accents. Broadchurch is set in a sleepy little seaside town in Dorset, England, but when an 11 year-old boy shows up dead, everyone starts pointing fingers. This is a great whodunnit, and I have to say, the reveal caught me by surprise! I haven't watched Season Two yet, but its in my Netflix queue. 

Red Oaks (Amazon): This is free with Amazon Prime, and if you don't have it, I seriously recommend it. Besides all the TV shows and movies, it delivers 100s of items to your door in two days. If I need something during the week, I frequently just order it via Amazon- its hella more convenient than finding the time to go to Target! ANYWAY, Red Oaks is set in the 80s, and follows a college student during his summer as a tennis pro at a country club. This is an amazing piece of 80s nostalgia, and if you weren't born in the 80s, well, think of it as a period piece. This is billed as a comedy, and while entertaining, I wasn't laughing out loud, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Catastrophe (Amazon Prime): A show that DID have me laughing out loud however, was Catastrophe. It is a British sitcom that tells the story of Sharon who falls pregnant with American Rob after a hot and heavy week-long affair while he's on a business trip. He decides to move back to the UK so they can raise this baby together, and the rest is just really funny. Note: there's no actual baby in Season 1 - it just their very charming, very awkward courtship. 

Now that I've shared my picks, I'm going to come back to my original question: So, what shows are you watching these days? 

I'm looking forward to seeing your recommendations in the comments!